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Running Rock n Roll Marathon to stop poaching in Africa...

Organized by: Angie Berry

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Angie's Photo


I am fundraising for World Wildlife Fund by participating in the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in San Francisco, CA on March 26, 2017. Please help me raise $1,000.00 to stop the slaughter/poaching, and trophy hunting of Rhinoceros, Elephants, Mountain Gorillas, and many more endangered species. I am raising $1,000 for The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Here is a background behind why this is an important cause. It is no surprise to anyone that I love animals. Especially elephants, rhinos and gorilla. On June 15, 2016, was the kick off, of the 3rd annual 96 Elephants Campaign. Every day 96 elephants are killed for their ivory. That is an awful statistic. That is more like genocide. Between 2010 & 2012, 100,000 elephants were killed across the african continent. On average 96 a day, one killed every 15 min. The elephant population has declined by 90%. And they believe there are only less than 15,000 roaming Africa. The United States, China and several African nations, have made the ivory trade illegal. And have officially put the bloody ivory market out of business. You stop the killing, stop the trafficking and stop the ivory demand. The Asian Elephants face the rapidly growing human populations, the Asian elephants' habitat is shrinking fast and wild elephant populations are mostly small, isolated, and unable to mingle as ancient migratory routes are cut off by human settlements. Large development projects (such as dams, roads, mines and industrial complexes), plantations and spreading human settlements have fragmented what was once contiguous elephant habitat into small fragments. Incidents of elephants raiding crops and villages are on the rise. This causes losses to human property and, sometimes, human lives. Retaliation by villagers often results in killings of these elephants. Experts already consider such confrontations to be the leading cause of elephant deaths in Asia Illegal hunting and trade Poaching of Asian elephants for ivory remains a threat in some countries. However, most illegal ivory currently come from African sources, rather than from Asian elephants. Elephants are also taken from the wild for the live elephant trade – primarily going to Thailand for the tourism industry. India, Vietnam, and Myanmar have banned capture in order to conserve their wild herds, but in Myanmar elephants are still caught each year for the timber industry or the illegal wildlife trade. Mountain gorillas are one of the world’s rarest animals, with only about 880 remaining in the wild in Africa. About 480 gorillas live in the Virunga Volcanoes Massif, which spreads across three countries: Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. About 400 gorillas also live in Bwindi’s Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Since 2006, LCA has been supporting the rangers in Uganda and Rwanda by providing equipment to aid them in protecting the gorillas, including aerial communications system with 11 outstations, Motorola handheld radios, Garmin GPS units, rain suits and camouflaged surveillance cameras. This equipment has had a significant impact on the safety of the gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, as the coverage and speed of communications has vastly improved for all park operations, especially patrols. Brutal rhino poaching methods have escalated in South Africa, which is currently home to about 70 per cent of the remaining rhinos in the world. Reasons for rhino poaching. Demand from China and Vietnam have elevated the price of rhino horns to new levels. There have been reports that rhino horn has been fetching prices as high as US$50,000 per kg. This is similar to the street price for cocaine in the UK. This demand has obviously resulted in a big surge in the number of rhino poaching incidents. At the lower end of the spectrum of poachers you find subsistence poachers. They are usually from poor communities are driven by poverty and hunger. Subsistence poachers are usually on foot and will shoot the rhino with random fire to the head and chest area, as well as the legs in order to immobilize the animal. They will then remove the horns very roughly using an axe. These poachers take high risk for comparatively little reward. They will usually pass the horns to a syndicate member after the job is done. At the higher end of the spectrum you will find professional poachers. They have well-structured operations and use high technology methods which involve -tranquillizer guns, helicopters, veterinary drugs, and high caliber weapons to kill rhinos. Many of the poachers seem to have had military training. They will normally have prior access to information about the farm they intend to target. These professional poachers are driven by a desire for financial gain and sheer greed. This group sometimes involves experienced criminal gangs that are part of a more organized and structured group.Some of the indicators that skilled professional hunter are also involved.One tell tale sign is the fact that in some cases it is clear that the rhinos have been felled with on single well-placed shot to the head or body. The high-tech aerial attack will be done darting the animal from the air with tranquillizer guns. This will takes less than seven minutes to bring down the animal. When they land the helicopter, they hack of the horns with a chainsaw. The use of a helicopter allows for easy access and quick getaways. Several media reports have indicated that the registration numbers on the tail of the aircraft get covered up or falsified during the operation. The rhino subsequently dies either from an overdose of tranquillizers or bleeds to death. All of these beautiful and peaceful animals are projected to be extinct by 2025. Please support me, the WWF, Last Chance for Animals, and Africative Wildlife Detectives in stopping the slaughter of these rare and majestic animals.


Organized by

Angie Berry

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Angie is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Running Rock n Roll Marathon to stop poaching in Africa....

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