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Running 4 the Tarahumaras

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EVENT DATE: Nov 03, 2010

Sofia Madero


For almost 10 years my mom had helped in the fundraising of a small clinic located in the middle of the mountains of Chihuahua (my hometown) in the north of Mexico, where the “Tarahumara” Indians have established their communities a long time ago.

These villages quite far from the city and with complicated ways to acces due to the long distance and poor infrastructure. So before the clinic was build a lot of Tarahumaras died from a simple diseases like: diarrhea, intoxication, malnutrition, delivery, and more. For this reason the clinic has been critical to those communities and has saved many lives.

My parents have always taught me the importance of helping those people who have not been as fortunate as I have, and throughout my life I have had the wonderful opportunity to interact with these people, and it’s something I really love. I think is because there is where you can find the things that truly matter in life.

I always wonder why it is that I was born where I was born? Why did get to have so many privileges without having doing anything to deserve them? Not that I am millionaire or something, but really I have everything I need. I have a healthy family, the opportunity to study, travel, and everything to live perfectly well.

So why me? Why all of us? These questions tormented me for a while until I discovered the answer, and I believe the answer is that God gave me all this privileges so I can do as much as I can to help those who were not born in the same circumstances as me. I don’t know if all this sounds a bit corny or idealistic, but is a bit of what’s inside of me.
I also believe that there is a very good chance that you, who are reading my story are more privileged that those Tarahumaras who live in extreme poverty (most of them spending less than $1 USD per day).

That’s why I want to run this marathon. For them, for the Tarahumara children that don’t deserve to die for a diarrhea and their parents that don’t deserve to bury a son or daughter because they simply don’t have the resources to give them the most basic health care.
This is why I need you help to get the Tarahumaras a step closer to have better health care and resources within their communities.
Please join me in this effort to make their lives longer and healthier!

Thank you,

“What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for others lives forever”




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