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Running for Next Generation Nepal

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Child trafficking is a crime that most likely won't personally touch any one of your lives, yet it is a way of life for thousands of children with no one to help them. Nepal, a country torn apart, by a decade long civil war, was the ideal environment for this atrocity to thrive. There is but ONE group working to reunite these children with their families.

In the remote regions of the country, Maoist rebels used intimidation and even murder to control villages and abduct children to force into the rebel army. The United Nations cited the crisis of Nepal’s children in the conflict zone as one of its 10 Stories the World Should Hear More About in 2006.

Despite the official end of the conflict in 2006, child traffickers continue to prey on rural village concerns for their children by deceiving families with promises of safety for their children and attendance at top boarding schools in the Kathmandu Valley. For this service, traffickers demand vast sums from already impoverished families; then they quickly remove children from their villages. Obtaining guardianship of the children, they proceed to transfer them to illegal orphanages in Kathmandu or keep them enslaved as street beggars and laborers supporting the traffickers and their families. In many cases, children have falsified documents declaring them orphans and making them available for international adoptions.

The children, some as young as three or four years old, effectively become “paper orphans” exploited by an inadequately regulated and monitored adoption system.

It doesn't take a huge donation to help make a difference ~ every single dollar helps. For example ...
Only $53 pays for one child’s immediate medical treatment post rescue.
$434 pays to search for the family of a trafficked child in remote locations of Nepal.
$456 pays for one child to go to school locally for one year.
$1327 pays for one child to be fed and cared for in the transitional home for one year

Your donation can help a trafficked child find their family. NGN helps rescue, bring home, rehabilitate and educate trafficked children in Nepal. Their highly skilled team on the ground uses a unique approach to counsel rescued children to spark their memories and then scour the countryside to find their families.
They closely monitor families, communities and educational institutions to ensure that the child is in the best possible place and there is no risk of re-trafficking.

There are an estimated 11,000 children trafficked into exploitative children’s homes in Nepal. Our goal is to bring them all home!

Your gift will help bring an end to this exploitation.

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