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Running for NGN

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This year I am running to raise funds which will go to support an organization called "Next Generation Nepal". NGN was founded by Conor Grennan (author of 'Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal'). What NGN does, in a very brief nutshell, is to reunite trafficked children with their families. The problem is, finding these families. There are lots of children who need to get home, but NGN lacks the funds to track down all of their families who are scattered in the far reaches of the mountains in Nepal. All tolled, it takes approx 1,000.00 per child. My initial goal for this year's marathon was simply that. I figured 1,000. was a great goal; I would set about reuniting one child with their family, but then I started to think. I have four children of my own and if it were me, getting just one back, would not be enough! So, that being said 4,000.00 is my target amount. If you are able to donate ANYTHING at all, absolutely NO amount is too small, I would appreciate it so much! I am attaching a link for those of you interested in learning more about NGN, or in reading the amazing story that got it started Also, my other fundraising link is - at this site there are donation incentive bonuses such as books, t-shirts and sweatshirts.




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