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Merit O'Hare's Fundraiser:

Running for Research 2014

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Although I've never run a marathon OR tried to fundraise on any significant level, after a very good friend's mom succumbed to glioblastoma, I asked myself--well, why not try to do two things that seem pretty impossible in order to pay tribute to an impossible battle?

If you want to support and/or sponsor me, these are your options (they start out conventional, then become more undignified):

-$5/mile will motivate my long runs (training runs of anywhere from 10-22 miles). You can sponsor one long run or several!

-I pledge to run at least 40 miles per week from late May through the taper week before the marathon (early November). That's 1000 miles over 25 weeks. You may pledge $200/season (or $0.20/mi), $300/season (or $0.30/mi), or any other amount you'd like to consider. You'll be able to view my updates on this site.

-$100 will buy you one funny accessory of your choice (cat ears, oversized glasses, a light-up necklace) that I pledge to wear while running the marathon.

-$100 will buy a hair color change of your choosing on the day of your choosing. That means I'll try purple streaks or whole-hair pink--up to you--and you can send me to work (remember, I work with teenagers) or to the mall. If you'd like to change my hair color on the day of the marathon, you can do so for $500.

-$15 will buy you a picture of me wearing a bright red, skin-tight spandex whole-body suit.

-$25 will buy you that same picture, but you can place me in any environment of your choosing (the supermarket, a public park).

-$50 will result in all of the above hilarity and embarrassment, but you can also then "dare" me to interact with strangers (ex: go up to a person on the sidewalk and ask for his/her number, etc etc.)

-If you're a neighbor, I'm also open to dog walking, petsitting, babysitting, cleaning, and doing other types of household or undesirable yard work in exchange for a donation of your choice ($10-?).

Let's stop cancer!




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