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Edlira Metalia's Fundraiser:

Running for Refugees

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EVENT: SoNo Half Marathon / 5K

EVENT DATE: Oct 17, 2015

Edlira Metalia


Marisa Rothstein wrote -

I hate running. Really. Like, I'd rather eat broccoli while doing algebra in the security line at Newark airport than run. But I have found a cause not only worth running for, but running 13.1 MILES for. My husband is joining me on the trek and, together, we'll be pushing Sydney, the family's youngest social activist.

Thonmet African Peace is an underground railroad for victims of the Sudanese conflict. Through contacts in Sudan, we are helping families escape dangerous refugee camps to the relative safety of Ethiopia. It costs $2,000 to build a home for a refugee family in Ethiopia and to transport the family from the camp. Once there, Thonmet helps the family obtain and maintain food, water, safety, and education.

So far, we have moved one family into a new home in Ethiopia; we will be able to move another family to safety every time we raise $2,000 (the ultimate grassroots organization, Thonmet has no overhead costs; so your entire donation will go toward building a home for refugees).

I hope you will help us rescue a family, and motivate me to reach mile 13, by sponsoring a mile. With just 2 sponsors for each mile, we will be able to build a new home and rescue an entire family from the daily terror of the Sudanese conflict.

Choose your mile, and I'll add you to my website, put you on my race-day t-shirt, and be forever grateful.

  • Mile 1: $10
  1. SoNo Half
  • Mile 2: $20 
  1. Shawn and Carol Chipman
  2. Stefanos Chen
  • Mile 3: $30
  1. Jenny Russak
  • Mile 4: $40
  1. Angela Lam
  • Mile 5: $50
  1. Jacob Agnew
  2. Sheri Lesh
  • Mile 6: $60
  1. Sonia and Sumit Chandra
  • Mile 7: $70
  • Mile 8: $80
  • Mile 9: $90
  • Mile 10: $100
  1. Deb and Jay Simon
  2. Colleen Lorenz
  3. Karenann Christman
  • Mile 11: $110
  • Mile 12: $120
  • Mile 13: $130
  1. Michael and Beth Barton
  • Last .1 Mile: $200
  1. Alan Rothstein
  2. Marilyn Rothstein
  • Good Luck Chai: $18


The Team: $2,384 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Marisa Rothstein

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43% Raised of $4,000 Goal

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Nolan Robinson

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Fundraiser Title

Edlira Metalia

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