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CROWDRISE : Apr 21, 2014
Tax ID: 36-4303950
BASED: Wichita, KS, United States


Our purpose:

Running USA exists to support and grow the sport of distance running and those businesses and community members that help event directors produce outstanding experiences.

As the national non-proft, trade association for the sport, our primary goal is to help those in the running industry grow their business and ultimately the sport.  This mission includes helping to fund American elite and youth running programs and athletes.  

Your contributions here are 100% passed through to support programs that get kids off the streets and into healthy fitness programs.  Your contributions help continue the dreams of post-collegiate athletes and directly helps fund their training programs.  

The American Distance Project and Team USA Minnesota as well as Kids Run Richmond (VA) and the Just Run program developed by Big Sur race organizers are just a few examples of how your dollars help make a difference.  

If you are a runner, know one or have aspirations of joining the more than 18 million of those who crossed a finish line last year alone, please take time to make a small contribution to the Running USA campaign to help grow this sport!  

Look for us at a finish line near you!  



Tax ID: 36-4303950 •


Running USA

Running USA

Amount Raised:



275% Raised of $262 Goal

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 26.2 Challenge

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marath…

Amount Raised:



53% Raised of $2,620 Goal


26.2 Challenge

26.2 Challenge