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Mitch Fielding's Fundraiser:

Running NYC for Japan Relief

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BENEFITING: Direct Relief

EVENT: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

EVENT DATE: Mar 20, 2011

Mitch Fielding


Like many, we have been watching in stunned disbelief the compounding problems Japan is facting. An earthquake, a tsunami, and now a potential nuclear disaster may have led to over 10,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands homeless. Worse, the developing nuclear catastrophe may produce a far more profound level of harm to a great nation.

Though a wealthy country, Japan's economy has struggled fo over a decade. The country has a very high level of debt to GDP and, therefore, does not have an unlimited pocket book. The country needs our help. Much as the Japanese donated to the US to aid the victims of Katrina and 9/11, we need to return the favor.

This Sunday, March 20th,  Bridget and I will compete in the New York City 1/2 Marathon. We anticipate a lot of sweating, swearing, crying and cramping as we achieve a goal that is very important to us.

We ask you, our friends, family and associates commit to help chear us on and support us by making a donation to an organization such as Direct Relief that is in Japan providing aid. While your commitment will involve a lot less sweating, swearing, crying and cramping, your thoughts and contributions are very important to us.

Most importantly, we believe that these gestures of support will provide people who have lost everything to a cataclysm affecting them at both the macro and sub-atomic scales some modicum of consolation; some indication that the world cares.

We have chosen the Direct Relief organization based on its rating on If you prefer to donate to another organization, please feel free to do so. However, please do donate!


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