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Run Your HEART Out

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Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers wrote -

Humane Living Program

The Humane Living Program helps students of all ages and grade levels learn about human rights, animal protection and environmental ethics. We conduct our student programs in a variety of venues in school, after school and in summer camps.

In our classroom programs, we offer creative and engaging lessons aligned to meet state and national educational standards. Age-appropriate curricula have been created as follows (click on each link to see corresponding brochure):

·         High school

·         Grades 7 and 8

·         Grades 4 through 6

·         Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Our Humane Living After-School Leadership Clubs are geared to show students how to take action to change the world. Summer camps also present an excellent venue for our flexible and creative programming. We partner with other non-profit agencies as well to offer HEART’s programs in different venues.


Service learning is integrated into our programming. We inform students on issues and guide them on how to take action to help make the world a better place. Our students engage in projects that serve local, regional and global communities.

Our lessons and activities focus on specific character traits and values, including:

·         Reverence, compassion, responsibility, integrity and citizenship- Students learn to identify what they care about and how to act according to their principles.

·         Empathy, self-respect, tolerance and kindness- Students learn to respect different viewpoints, to stand up for what they believe in and take steps to prevent the mistreatment of human beings, animals and the environment.

·         Empowerment, critical thinking and commitment- Students learn how to ask questions, investigate issues and make informed decisions. They also learn how their actions can make a measurable difference in their lives and in the world.



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