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Rural Veterinary Outreach

Rural Veterinary Outreach is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization dedicated to providing veterinary care, education, and advocacy for livestock, pet livestock, and companion animals in rural environments that are under-served by veterinarians.


"RVO started with a promise that I made to a horse 10 years ago- 'No animal will ever die on my watch again due to my ignorance.' 
Iggy, my best show horse, became ill and I was powerless to help him. No vet to help, no way to prevent a death. My path to learning and keeping my promise led me to veterinary school where I graduated this year, at the age of 57. To carry out the mission of RVO, I need your help. Providing affordable veterinary care when and where needed, especially in rural areas, depends on the support of animals lovers like you who are passionate about helping these creatures and the people who care for them. Help me help them. Together, as we succeed, hopefully this idea will spread and veterinarians in other communities will dare to help the forgotten ones."

-- Ken Brown, DVM