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Russell & Clarke Youth Foundation Incorporated Tax ID 81-1179428


We are a non profit after school mentoring program that offers youth the chance to excel in their after school studies as well as their social life. Russell&Clarke provides mentors, educational tutors and encourages youth to become active community service members. We also aim to teach our youth peace by exposing them to the rewarding art of volunteering.

Russell&Clarke offers free programs throughout the year that allow involved youth to travel and therefore experience diverse cultures by exploring local neighborhoods and other diversity throughout the country.  We are working to provide college tours around the United States which will give youth the opportunity to explore traditional and non traditional college settings to further their education beyond high school.  

To accomplish successful development of our youth, we connect one on one with them and stay involved in their academic and personal lives. We do research in the communities we are targeting and come up with strategic plans to solve important issues that affect those particular communities. We believe here at Russell&Clarke that self knowledge is the first step to success in life and education, the ultimate key to success.