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Ryan Worden

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Ryan Worden
Stuff About Me:
Hello! Right now you are most likely no more than 15ft from clean drinkable water. It's in your kitchen, where you may get a glass of water to drink, maybe you will even put a couple frozen cubes of it in that glass and be refreshed on a hot day. If your like me, and don't like dirty dishes, then you also use clean drinkable water to wash your dishes with. Let's see, oh yeah, do you have a bathroom in your house? Well if you do, you've got access to clean drinkable water from at least 3 sources. Unless you are a cat, I would refrain from at least one of those. Seriously though, think about it. Most of us bathe and shower in perfectly clean drinkable water and think nothing of it. Personally, I use water so frequently, and for so many different things, I expect it to come out of the faucet every time I turn it on. Not only that I expect it to be clean and drinkable. Thinking about it, I actually have to put some effort into finding water that I would not drink. I have not done one thing in my that merits my access to clean drinkable water.

The God who formed me in my mothers womb, has blessed me with clean water for my entire life. That same God also declares that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for someone else-John 15:13 He has blessed me that I may bless others.

I am part of a group that is is called 4others. A bunch of young Christ-followers seeking to live their lives for others. Whether that be distributing perishables in Huron, CA to a drought stricken community, or gleaning a few tons of celery for use in California food banks. Soon 4others will be returning to Death Valley National Park, for the second time, to raise awareness about the struggle for clean drinkable water that Africans face every day.

On June 29, this year(2010) we will be walking 15 miles in the lowest point of the western hemisphere, carrying a container of water symbolizing the the struggle for clean water that so many face daily. We are walking so they don't have to. The African Water Project, which is a student founded ministry, seeks to raise awareness and funds to build and repair clean water wells across Africa, and help prevent and rid Africa of all its preventable water-born illnesses.

Truthfully, I don' like money, never have, and never will. I think its silly. I don't like spending it, worrying about it, or asking for it. I find it all together burdensome. I guess I ran out of room. The rest is in the "Vote for me" section.



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