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To Unite Children With Life Saving Seizure Alert Dogs


Ryan Rose has a Rare form of Epilepsy. Her type of seizures are not typically able to be controlled by medication. Ryan's seizures do not always stop on there own. When she has a seizure over 5 minutes it is a medical emergency.

A seizure alert dog can save Ryan's life By allerting her parent's when she is having a seizure, so that they can administer an emergency medication and call 911. A seizure alert dog can also break someones fall, which can also cause a lot of harm.

The wait for a life saving dog like this is about two years. The cost can be as high as $25,000.

Just like Ryan, there are hundreds of kids in need of a seizure alert dog. SUDEP (sudden enexplained death in epilepsy) is 1 in 150, when you have a rare uncontrollable dissorder.

How many children can we help save with a Seizure Alert Dog?

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