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1.Alternative Powered Farming Resources? by combining Solar and wind I have thought of a way to use these "Renewable's" more effeciently and Resourcefully for Population density sake (population will rise very high next 50-60 years?) this idea tackles Climate/Pollution,Energy,Poverty,& helps clean water too? and we thought it would help the "Lower classes" by cross-promoting with this idea and instead of bundle deal of internet,Cable,☎? house power and car? we also suggested to do that with all insurances too and called it "Public options"? this Idea could have been helping Gulf Right now? anyways all you have heard about with digital networks and Capacity/Green technology and all the other way's Special interest groups talked about it ? this was the source of it? I added a rough copy of the idea with some extra's that could be added on even to what is the original idea (just the pyramid part)

2.Professional"Social Network"? okay so we know of "Social media" but if we take this to the "Next step" with regulations, and proper set ups it could help benefit People,Business,Government/U.N., agriculture agenda for middle east with the help of public and what not? and by seting it up properly the 500M people of facebook? they could pay a little fee and with the regulations and Governments help could be better set up for media, paying bills? Lord knows paypal and all them need some regulations? entertainment (downloads/local tv/Newspaper networks) is another

just by charging them with the rest of the bundles stuff and set up say 2 dollars or something can double that to 800m? and this could be a big help for ending "Extremism"/Al quida internationally? also help 3rd world countries/under developed? we sent these idea's and titled it OPM=Our Planet Matters you can find us on facebook(Created Nov 16/08) long before twitter hit the big scene and funny thing is its the same owners as facebook? emailed this to 200+Canadian House of commons Polliticians and One Mr.President (Elect at the Time) barrack Obama?

Thank you for your message‏

The White House - Presidential Correspondence (noreply-WHPC@whitehouse.gov)

March 23, 2009 11:24:18 AM


Dear Cory Ryder: Thank you for your recent note, and for sharing your thoughts with me. Your kind words echo the messages of millions of Americans who have welcomed me and my family to the White House with an outpouring of goodwill. On January 20th, Americans spoke with one voice, choosing hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. Our Nation faces serious challenges, but we will overcome them if our imagination is joined to common purpose. Now is our time to work together, reaffirm our enduring spirit, and choose our better history. With your help, we will renew our Nation's promise to carry forth the great gift of freedom to future generations, as our forebears have delivered it to us.

Sincerely, Barack Obama To be a part of our agenda for change, join us at www.WhiteHouse.gov



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