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My Golden Retriever McKenzie gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies on August 16, 2011. While McKenzie was in labor all of the puppies where coming out in 20 minute increments. Around midnight (about an hour after the 9th puppy was born) McKenzie was still showing signs of labor, I called the vet to see if this was normal and they told me that her body could be trying to pass the placenta's of a few puppies that were born without them. About 30 minutes later puppy number 10 was born, he was still born, we think that he passed away due to the complications McKenzie was having within that hour and a half. There was barely any time to react to the 10th puppy being still born because less than 2 minutes later puppy number 11 was born, this puppy is Ryder.
Ryder was born with a deformed paw, his front left. The deformity resembles a club foot. Our Veterinarian has not yet performed surgery on his leg because he needs to be fully grow which is typically 6 months of age. Ryder is now 5 months old and his time line for surgery is quickly approaching. I have been trying to set money aside for this surgery because I knew it would be needed at some point, but it seems one financial obligation after another comes up.
Now as some of you might know, an animal having a club foot does not always result in amputation, in fact most animals with club feet can get by with absolutely no obstacles. Ryder, however, is not one of those animals. When Ryder was born his paw was intact, his paw had “toe” bones and flesh, but no outer layering of skin. He was essentially born with an open wound. I took him to the Veterinarian a few hours later where the Veterinarian told me she has never seen anything like this before, her thoughts were that maybe his paw was wrapped around the umbilical cord and therefore did not develop fully. She sent us home with a solution to soak his paw in, its purpose was to close the wound, after the wound was closed we could determine what needed to be done.
When the foot healed it fused all his bones together inside his paw, resulting in the image of a club foot. The Veterinarian told me to keep an eye on it and see his development. Well Ryder has adjusted to his club foot just fine, he does not walk on it because it is significantly shorter than his other legs, but he does use it for going down stairs and wrestling with his mom. Last month I started noticing Ryder licking his paw, he never use to do this, I took a look at it one day and noticed he has a nail that was coming through the bottom of his paw as well as his dew claw coming through the side. I called the Vet and she recommended amputation because she doesn’t want those nails to cause infection or pain.
Our vet has quoted the cost of amputation at $2,000.00, this includes the cost of surgery, anesthesia, pain medication, and additional aftercare supplies. I have called around to see if the cost of amputation varies between local Vet clinics and they are all around the same price point. Ryder also needs to be neutered and the Vet has mentioned that performing both surgeries at the same time is beneficial for him, although this is an addition cost I would have to absorb. The cost of Ryder’s surgery is very stressful and at the time I just don’t have the funds, that’s why I’m reaching out to see if my friends and family as well as a few good hearted strangers can make this happen.



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