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I want to go to the " OMG " I"m Too Young for This Cancer Summit for Young Adults. Mainly because i would like meet other cancer stricken adults my age because, I have yet to find anyone of my friends or family that have any clue as to what it is that I' going through on a daily basis. I usualy get the poor sad face as if they know padyeople dont live through cancer. Or like I already have one foot in the grave .Although I lost both of my parents to cancer and stayed by both their sides til the end ( and was the only one who kept a hopeful faith ) until the day I prayed to god to please take my mother out of this life she no longer wanted to be in and take away her pain she indured day after day from her head to the tip of her toes with bone & nerve cancer.I just not ready to give up yet and I need to have a little fun for a little while . My family is some what there for me until it complicates their lives . I do have a best friend thats as good as gold and is there for me before I even know I need it in any way. I also have a much unexpected 19 yr old angel that watches over me and helps me every day so unselfishly my niece who showed up one day after being out of my life for 6 years and said she wants to take care of me . I just hope I'm deserving of this sweet gorgeous angel!. I hope she one of a kind. I had a boyfriend before I was diagnosed with crc cancer whom I lived with and supported for 5yrs, whom said he loved me and wanted to take care of me & has made all of this from day one been unable to deal with the fact that I seem to be getting more attention from having cancer than he thinks I should. So although I still like to have him around he leaves me every time the bills are due or things get harder than normal. Or my favorite excuse what about him how is he s toupposed to deal with my cancer. So it is very simple I need to have a little fun and meet some people I can talk to that dont think of you as already half dead and have a clue what you might be going through. And best of all the donotions go to help to find a cure to a very ugly, stupid disease that knocks you off your feet , but cant keep you from becoming a fun loving , strong , sexy, better person!.



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