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Sexually Abused Childrens Relief Endeavor

sacred provides immediate financial assistance to families in need due to the reporting of child sexual abuse.

www.kidsaresacred.org Tax ID 27-0567085


sacred uses accreditated child advocay agencies to validate families of child sexual abuse victims in financial need.  The everyday necessities of food, clothing, housing, tranportation and utilities may become impossible to pay for when an income contributor to the family is the abuser.  sacred's board of directors reviews the application from the child advocate and within 8 hours, make a decision on  the application.  When approved, a check for the requested amount is sent IMMEDIATELY to the child advocate-never to the victim's family.  The child advocate must pay the bills for the family and submit proof of payment to sacred.  The family should receive the needed help within 24 hours of an approved application and that support should be for 30-60 days.  No one at sacred receives any compensation-we are volunteers.