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The mission of Safe Harbor, a children’s justice center is to provide a safe environment for children to: disclose abuse, benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation of child abuse and, engage in safe parental exchange and visitation. Tax ID 11-3709321


  Safe Harbor, a children’s justice center has been serving children in Laramie County since August of 1999 with, Forensic Interviews for Law Enforcement and Social Services and Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchanges.   Safe Harbor is an accredited member of National Children’s Alliance and a member of the National Supervised Visitation Network. 

We provide the following services at Safe Harbor;

  1. Forensic Interviews of alleged victims of serious physical and sexual abuse
  2. Support the multidisciplinary approach to child abuse by facilitating the, “Child Protection Team” Meetings every other week
  3. Victim Advocacy and Support
  4. Training/Community Education
  5. Supervised/Monitored Visitation between children and parents
  6. Monitored Exchanges when families have protection orders and domestic violence