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SafeHouse Denver, Inc.

SafeHouse Denver, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Jun 24, 2011
Tax ID: 84-0745911
BASED: Denver, CO, United States


Your Support Helps:

SafeHouse Denver assist adults, children and youth reclaim their right to a life free from domestic violence.

When five-year-old Lacey and her mom arrived at SafeHouse Denver’s emergency shelter, they had just left an abusive father and husband. Without financial resources or family support in the city, SafeHouse Denver became home. 

As they settled-in, it quickly became clear that Lacey had severe separation anxiety. She couldn’t bear to have her mother even leave the room. Lacey was especially anxious when she had to spend time alone with her father, a custody agreement requirement. Painfully, every time she left her mom, she was certain she would never see her again. 

Thankfully, with support from a Family Advocate at SafeHouse Denver, Lacey’s mom was able to secure full custody. As she no longer had to visit with her father, Lacey’s anxiety lessened and a loving, independent five-year-old blossomed. Lacey met one-on-one with her Family Advocate and participated in play and art therapy
sessions with other children at shelter. Her relationship with her mother remained vital but Lacey also started to find her own voice.

No longer living in fear of her father, Lacey is a happy, energetic child who loves school! Her mother now has
a job and a safe place for the two of them to call home.


Stories like Lacey’s are all too common. Please make a gift today to support the adults, children and
youth working to rebuild their lives free of domestic violence. 

Tax ID: 84-0745911 •


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