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Adopt A School Tax ID 46-2804488


The Safer Compass Foundation operates exclusively for charitable purposes as a 501(c)(3) public charity as determined under section 170 of the IRS code. Our foundation focuses on providing communities with innovative programs for the safety of all. Our program extends to both sides of the spectrum, from the pupil to the principal. Our program ensures that all schools (especially the one's with the fewest resources) have access to equal opportunity.

The Zone Emergency Response Operation is a navigational aid designed to assist First Responders in locating a critical area in an emergency situation. This navigational system has been field-tested and has been proven to reduce response time by up to 75%!

The most critical items during an incident are time and communication. Our program fosters rapid response times and enhances communication amongst multiple agencies. Through a unified response by first responders and emergency medical services, resources and personnel can be allocated more efficiently, thereby mitigating injuries and loss of life. 

When you choose to adopt a school, your contributions will be used to equip the school of your choice with the resources necessary to implement the Z.E.R.O. program. This program was designed especially to assist schools with the fewest financial resources to allow them equal access to a safer environment.

Your contribution provides a school or facility with the following:

  • Z.E.R.O. signage throughout the facility
  • Staff training on the Z.E.R.O. program
  • Educational activity books for children
  • Various literature and resources