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Accessing safe driking water from rain water harvestin im Manipu(india)

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EVENT: Honda LA Marathon 2012

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PROBLEM STATEMENT:- Water scarcity problem has been happened in Manipur because lack of adequate knowledge of water use and technical knowledge of its harvesting for their daily use. That, rain water harvesting in urban and rural areas can be motivated in order to get the lasting solution of water problem in Manipur. Rain water harvesting is the best option for lasting solution of water problem.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION:-People say, there are five vitals of the life such as FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH, and SKY. Amongst these, water is life. Man can live without food for more than one month but without water man can’t live more than seven days. One day WAR OF WATER may happen. 70% of the Earth surface is covered with water. But only 3% of the water found an earth is palatable and is in the form of sea water and ice. Out of this palatable water, the maximum portion is also in the lakes, rivers and as ground water. As per the reports from the UN, one person in every three in the world are facing water crisis. The year 2003 was celebrated with the world environment day theme as “WATER- TWO BILLION PEOPLE ARE DYING FOR IT AND 2004 AS WANTED! Sea and ocean- Dead or alive?
Therefore to meet this water problem, there has been the practice of techniques like Dew point and AIR well etc. To catch and store whatever the possible water from all sources. Rain water harvesting is a very easy and reasonable means of water supply in our present day life particularly hilly state like Manipur. But in Manipur we find that for a family describing in the hill villages could collect only about 10-15 litres from a far flung place for the whole family use of 6-8 members.
But 2.3 litres per persons of drinking water per day. Therefore, rain water harvesting is the best option for tasting solution of water problem in Manipur. Storm water harvesting is not economical and rain water harvesting is available or economical water source and its harvesting is simple to contract from inexpensive local materials and potentially forceful in most habitat locations. Roof rain water can be use for flushing toilets, washing clothes. Watering the garden and washing cars. Ground water is one of the inevitable sources of water in the maximum of the modern urban areas.
STRATEGIES:- Rain water collection from roof tops, terrace , courtyards, paved or unpaved opened ground.
Roof water harvesting system which is simplest and easiest will be the most suitable method for Manipur. It has the components like catchment area, collecting Gutters, transportation, first flush, filter and storage tank.
Advantages of rain water harvesting for maintenance, rain water harvesting systems are simple to install operate, and maintain, water collected from the roof catchment in available for use in potable and non-potable applications such as toilets or urinal flushing, laundries, irrigation, and for bathing water. Rain water is free; the only construction is for collection and use. It lessens demand on the municipal water supply. It saves money o utility bills. It diminishes flooding, erosion, and the flow to storm water with drains. It reduces the contamination of surface water with sediments, fertilizers and pesticides from rain water run off resulting in clean lakes, rivers, oceans and other receivers of storm water. It is good for irrigation and plants thrive because stored rain water is free from pollutants as well as salts, minerals, and other natural and man made contaminants. It is good for Laundries uses because it is soft and lowers the need for detergents.
SUSTAINABILITY:- Rain water is the purest form of water . In rain water, we have total control over water supply. It is very ideal for cities with water restrictions. It is socially acceptable and environmentally responsible. It promotes self – sufficientncy and helps conserve water. It uses simple technologies that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. These are good opportunities for rain water harvesting in Manipur because Manipur is blessed with monsoon type of climate. We face serve water scarcity during the dry spelt of winter every year. During rainy season also, these are problems for shortages of safe drinking water, in spite of having numerous rivers and many wetlands and ground water availability, Manipur is facing water scarcity even though it receives 1790 mm of average rainfall, which is around 3 times the Indian national average. The annual precipitation varies from 2194mm to 4516mm as in west and 2943 in south and 1785mm in the central part of Manipur. The rainfall is unevenly distributed throughout the year. Out of the existing house of the state about 50% of the houses mostly in rural areas consists of galvanised corrugated iron slated roof sheet and about 20% houses mostly in the town are RCC buildings and the remaining 30% are thatched roofed houses in the villages areas. Most of the community halls, churches, schools, Temples etc. In Manipur have CGI roofs. Though these CGI sheets roofs are much suited for rain water harvesting collection system, we are yet implementing it, in the hill areas, the maximum of the houses are with thatch roofing and hence the utility for rain water harvesting is limited. But tube well is best collection of rain water in the drums is also another feasible way.
A CGI roofing house having a surface area of 30ft ad 40ft can collect about 1,49500 litres of water per annum while the average rainfall is calculated of 1790mm and efficiency for 75%. If it has the plan that every new houses constructed in Manipur use compulsorily to have the water harvesting facilities, then 50% of our water problem will be solved.
If do so, each of the family will have self treated and clean water independently. Rain water harvesting will particularly benefited the hill dwellers on the water problem is more acute for them. Therefore, it is our own duty, the duty of the citizen of India to harvest water, save it and utilized it judiciously.
PROJECT OBJECTIVES:- Increase access of clean water from rain water harvesting for needy community in Manipur.
PROJECT GOAL:- Reducing water scarcity and enhancing livelihood options for community.



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