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Sakwo Village Earthquake Fund,Nepal

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EVENT DATE: Apr 25, 2015

Crason Shrestha


On 25 April 2015, a powerful earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale shocked the small landlocked country of Nepal. It was the worst earthquake they have had since the 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake. According to the countries prime minister, Sushil Koirala, around 10,000 people may have died and millions have been displaced from their home and family.

About Sakwo Village

Sakwo Village is small village located in the central region of Nepal, north-east of the capital Kathmandu. It is a cultural hotpot full of different ethnicity of people, languages and has a beautiful history intertwined with Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. The town has small thatched roof houses along with a few concrete ones.
The main occupation of the people is agriculture and animal husbandry. Throughout the town there are small and big temples, made hundreds of years ago, illuminating about the towns beautiful history and ethnicity.

So why am I doing this?

My name is Crason. I currently live in the United States but I am originally from Nepal, and my parents grew up in Sakwo Village. I have personally visited Sakwo and met the kind, generous and humble people of this beautiful village. The town was absolutely magnificent when I visited it a year and half ago.

On 25th April, I was awoken at 3 am in the morning by my friend informing me about the calamity that had just taken place. While he was explaining me the situation, an aftershock hit. He along with many other people started running to open grounds. It is beyond my abilities to explain the sounds that I heard that morning, the screams of people full of cries and sorrow.

I recently talked to my relatives who explained to me the situation in Sakwo. I can honestly tell you the pictures and videos don't do justice to the actual situation. The small mud and brick houses in Sakwo have crumbled to pieces and the temples have been destroyed. Hundreds of families have lost their houses and everything that they hold precious.

What are we going to do?

We have talked to many non-profit and local organization to arrange volunteers and relief packages in Sakwo and the surrounding areas. We are currently collecting money in our community and schools, doing absolutely anything possible for the people of Sakwo. But, now we need your help. Your small contribution can mean a lot. $1 = Rs.100 in Nepal. I can personally tell you Rs.100 means a lot to the people of Sakwo right now. They can buy a bottle of water and 2 packets of noddle with that money. So please, please donate anything that you can, even if that is $1. It can mean the difference between a full or a hungry stomach at night.

We realize that it is beyond our scope and abilities to help all the people of Nepal altogether. So we decided to start with our own home town, an area we know so well, love and cherish. All the logistics have been made and we are currently working on improving and implementing them.

We have two phases for the program:

Phase one:

We find that the direst need for the current situation is food and water. So, we are going to buy water bottles and non-perishable foods like noodles, and send to Sakwo as soon as possible. This will help prevent the people from malnutrition and death. Along with food we have also found a sever lack of basic first aid facilities. So we are going to buy first aid medicines and bandages and send it to Sakwo as soon as possible.

Phase two:

We are going to buy blankets and plastic sheets that can be used to make makeshift tents. They will protect the people from the sun, wind and rain and act as their home until further help arrives from the government.

We kindly request you to contribute whatever you can, any small amount, to help the people of Sakwo. Every contribution counts!!!



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