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Sally Turner

Sally Turner
NEw York, NY United States
Stuff About Me:

Most people think that tinnitus is a disease, but it's not a disease, it is a condition that can result from a wide range of underlying causes. There is the most common cause of tinnitus it noise induce hearing loss. But there are many others like neurological damage means multiple sclerosis, ear infections, oxidative stress, emotional stress, foreign objects in the ear, was build up, nasal allergies that prevent or induce fluid drain, and exposure to loud sounds. And withdrawal from benzodiazepines may also cause tinnitus. There are side effects of certain medications that may cause sensory-neural hearing loss or congenital hearing loss. Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head.

Most people describe it as a ringing noise in the ear or in the head, but Tinnitus symptoms can be different with different people. But most common tinnitus symptoms are high pitched whining, electric busing, humming or whistling sound, hissing or as ticking, clicking, roaring like crickets or tree frogs or locusts and sometime it can be described as tunes, songs, being, sizzling sounds those slightly resemble the human voices. In short, there are no known exact symptoms but above mentioned symptoms give the idea of tinnitus. Although, there are no well known exact reasons for the cause of tinnitus, but after many researches the studies have shown that excessive loud noises and irritation to the ear region are the main reasons for Tinnitus. Tinnitus has many psychological effects which may be described as it can cause irritability, fatigue and on occasions, clinical depression and musical hallucinations. And in worse tinnitus there are other most common psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, disturbances in sleep and concentration difficulties. There are no specific medicines so far, but there are alternatives of tinnitus such as: Tinnitivi.

 Here is a Tinnitivix Reviews that how does it works for tinnitus relief.

Tinitivix works of main three pathways to stop tinnitus symptoms, like nerve optimizations, vital nutrients and potent natural anti-inflammatory. You have to follow few things for the best results that are: you must avoid excess alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and reduce intake of processed foods and all artificial sweeteners while you on medication of Tinnitivix. But you should be aware of its side effects because medications such as antibiotics, certain drugs and aspirin can be cause or interfere with tinnitus. It's this kind of conditions you should consult your physician first before discontinuing or continuing any usage of such drugs. While you are on medication you should protect your ears from loud noise or irritating sounds of music or any other noise or sound. You should be mindful to wear earplugs or earmuffs so your ear can remain protected from harmful loud sounds and noises. And also, you should avoid using any objects like cotton in the ear because this may cause push back earwax in the ear canal or additional irritation. Finally, for reducing you stress and participating in exercise will help you in your tinnitus symptoms and long term recovery.




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