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Salute The Troops Inc

OUR MISSION: To enable veterans to live full and independent lives by providing resources to empower them to overcome the physical and mental wounds of war. Tax ID 45-4968314



Why Salute the Troops was Formed
The founders of Salute the Troops identified needs in the community that were not being met by other organizations, we saw veterans who were homeless and out of work who needed a hand-up after serving their country, and we identified with veterans who were ashamed or afraid to ask for help in their time of need. Salute the Troops was formed to fill that void, so that our troops are taken care of.
Lack of Infrastructure
Fond du Lac is home to more than 8,000 veterans, more than 20% of the total population of Fond du Lac County, and is proud to have an Army National Guard company and an Army Reserve company in our city. However, we do not have the infrastructure to support veteran specific needs and services for our troops who have faithfully and honorably served our country.
Lack of Access to Services
Mental health issues is one of the biggest problems veterans face when returning from combat, but because of the invisible nature of mental health issues it is often left untreated. Veterans in Fond du Lac do not have easy access to the Veterans Administration services and facilities and getting to Milwaukee, Madison, or Green Bay can pose problems for many of the most vulnerable veterans.
Lack of Resources
While there are multiple veteran organizations in town, Salute the Troops is the only organization that does not have a membership requirement for veterans. Other organizations do great work in the veteran community and provide invaluable services to their membership, but many of the veterans who need the most help do not belong to those great organizations. Salute the Troops can work across membership boundaries and coordinate with the various veterans organizations to ensure that we are providing the greatest benefit to our veterans.