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Leave A Little Sparkle Everywhere You Go

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United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) is a charity to empower youth through fashion. Since I was little I have loved everything about fashion. When I was suppose to be napping my mom would find me playing in her closet full of clothes. I was a feirce little kid always wanting to dress myself. Looking back at some of those outfits I often wonder what was I thinking?! Wearing these outfits though made me feel confident, as if I was sparkling from the top of a tiara. 

I am so blessed growing up with parents who can support my dreams of becoming part of the fashion world. This organization is close to my heart because I want every person to be given the same opportunities I have. Every child deserves to feel confident in their own skin with the knowledge they too can reach their dreams! Not only does UCOF help chldren though, they travel to South Africa helping those affected by Aids/HIV. the organization also produces fashion shows filled with culture to spread diversity and raise awareness of how fashion can make a difference. There are many other ways the non-profit contributes.

Below is a few different links to better understand the goals of UCOF. Take a look and read for yourself what the organization strives to accomplish.

Please concider donating to the cause! I began this fundraiser for a few reasons... First, I honestly just want to be involved in something bigger then myself. Second My birthday is arriving soon and I would love if people will donate to this cause instead of sending birthday gifts. Third, I am running the USA Rock 'n' Roll half marathong March 15, 2014 and want to be running for this cause! Lastly, Non of the above reason's even matter. What matters is knowing we have the ability to spread love, opportunity, and confidence through fashion.

100% of the donations go directly towards the funding of Fashion Education and Charity Care Programs of UCOF and are tax-deductable! 

Make a difference! Leave a little sparkle wherever you go and give others a chance to do the same!




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