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MISSION STATEMENT "End and Prevent Homelessness by Helping Those in Need to Help Themselves to Become Housed and Self Sustained"


The Samaritan Center meets the basic needs of the homeless person by providing essential services. This includes a safe environment for our clients to come for hot meals, clothing and showers. After the client's level of personal comfort and decency has been met, we begin the discovery process as to why and how this individual came to this place in life. We develop an Action Plan to assist the client out of homelessness. This case management helps each of the clients that come for service to move beyond their present condition to a level of opportunity and hope. Case Management monitors the progress of the client for Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Employment, Family/Individual Counseling and much more. With a Case Manager in place, the client is helped in a more individual situation rather than just grouping them all in one needs category. We have been offering this service since 1993 and are the hub for those in need.