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In 2016 we will fly an estimated 350 hours in the only two floatplanes in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. Each hour we fly costs us $200 of fuel, a total of $70,000 USD. We conduct evacuation flights as well as deliver much needed medical supplies to remote aid posts along a 700 mile river. Your contribution of $200 will save life! Tax ID 84-1543484


You can give directly to this effort, or even better, help us by organizing your own fundraiser! 

Do you need some fundraising ideas?

Start a “I’ll not Drink to that Campaign”   Have you and your friends choose to give up your favorite soda, coffee, foofoo, smoothie for however long you want and donate what you save to help us buy fuel to save a life!  “I’ll (not) drink to that!”

Go retro!   Do that old fashion car wash or bake sale or bake off and give your profit for fuel!

Dedicate:   Make a donation opportunity for your friends and family.  Give fuel in memory of someone or in behalf of your family.

“I wanna present!”   Send out “I want a Christmas Present or Birthday gift” request through social media and give them your fundraising crowdrise link to make a donation on your own fundraising link!  Celebrate Christmas or your Birthday by giving to a great cause!

Water your kids doing this weekend?   How about helping them set up a bottled water or lemon-aid stand which will be a great way to teach them about making a difference.  Have a few friends make a generous donation for a glass of lemon-aid and reach the $200 dollar goal before your favorite college game comes on!

Slug Bug on Instagram   Get sponsors and take on your friends for a month.  Post your proof on Instagram.  At 25 cents or 50 cents a bug, it can add up to some serious “ka-ching”!

Other ideas:  Walk/Run fundraiser, Surf “X” number of waves in one day fundraiser, Play 100 holes of golf in a day fundraiser, Climb a mountain fundraiser, A team lose weight fundraiser, free concert, Christmas gift wrapping at your local stores for donations


Did you know that Samaritan Aviation operates the only floatplanes in all of Papua New Guinea which is the second largest island in the world and one of the last frontiers.


We offer hope and access to 200,000 people living along the 700 mile Sepik river.

We have been accredited the ECFA badge of financial accountability.



Hundreds of lives have been saved through our emergency life flights and the 100,000 lbs of medical supplies we have flown to the 37 aid posts posted along this remote river.


We offer our services at no cost to the local population.


Our focus is: emergency life flights, medical delivery, disaster relief assistance, community development initiatives and discipleship.


Our purpose:  Samaritan Aviation demonstrates God's love through aviation services be conducting emergency evacuation and medical supply flights in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. 


Our website:

Facebook:  Samaritan Aviation