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Hi my husband and I had enquired a lot of medical debt and other debt as well. I'm 25 yrs of marriage meaning this November has always had a stump in the road for us. PPL loved our of how we met and how we stayed together for so many years. I came from a dysfunctional family but I stayed in it for Dad until the state finally took me away and placed in school for wayward girls. It was tough their to but I learned a lot. That wasn't the only time I was placed in custody but it was my last. As a couple years went I had gotten pregnant with my first son even when my hematology Drs said it would not be wise to have children. My first son started a health issue since the day I carried him they wanted me to let him go and said it was dangerous for me basically it was an issue with the RH FACTORS of the blood. I had what they called Ideopathic thrombocytopenia Purpura. It nearly took my life. I spent 5 month of my life in the baby hospital. As the years arose I had second child and the issues were so severe I had emergency surgery on my gallbladder. My health improved a little bit, and I attended College and proud that I graduated with honors and had received a plaque for graduating top 5 graduating on the dean's list. I also was carrying my 3rd child my daughter even though the dr advised my husband and I not to have this child and that he would abort her in the hospital. I literally lost it holding my stomach crying. The dr was not but he did give in because no other dr would take me as long as I followed his instructions, I was not allowed to do anything not even cooking and all three kids I was serverly sick all the time through the pregnancy. Well after went okay until I had I hemorrhage quite a bit my husband claimed I saw my daughter for 2 seconds and I was out. Everything was fuzzy always been more tired than other PPL Believe me I struggled to have all 3 kids. When was younger didn't get along with one of my parents so my life after this disease was not a good road and probably worsened my health. Now I am 49 I cannot work because the disease found a backdoor. I have 38 illnesses and receive blood every 3 weeks get injections in my knees and B-12. I administer 53 drugs I have co-pays but are reasonable. Anyhow I lost my job they sent me a ups by letter telling I no longer with bank because I kept getting sick. My life for 6 years was spent in a hospital bed stumping physicians of what was wrong. However I did physicians and they finally found it I have several life-threatening illnesses that needs machines and meds 53 of meds a day. We lost homes, cars, my jewelry including my rings my 1st set was stolen in the hospital. We were always broke because of the medical expenses we actually did several bankruptcy on medical alone. My husband needed to move on in employment which meant I would loose insurance which was my second insurance because I have to carry at all times. I didn't want him to be frazzled because of the 2nd insurance so treatments had gotten missed and because of it I was hospitalized 3 times in and out of the ER Because of ongoing infections and he almost lost me meaning that we needed to figure something out because I just was getting sicker. Well my husband does have a good job and happy with because it is trucking I get my treatments at home now so my husband has to that I am getting them.he took a pay cut and different job position to make sure that had gotten my treatments. Now we have to deal with that did not get paid. And I have to see this these PPL helped save my life and bankruptcy will ruin them and us. Since the day we were married we can a few memories that were memorable. The more stressed out I get the more the disease comes at me with vengeance. God Bless You Sincerely



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