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San Clemente Skatepark Coalition

Improve, expand and build skateparks in San Clemente Tax ID 81-2735362


The San Clemente Skatepark Coalition (SCSC) was formed by a group of San Clemente residents who are hard core in love with skateboarding.  Not only are we San Clemente residents but we are a group of skaters and moms and dads of skaters.  Each member of SCSC is 100% volunteer, no one takes a salary, which means all funds riased go directly toward improving, expanding and building skateparks in San Clemente.  Now that is some serious skate community love right there!


We see our current skatepark in need of repair and maintenance.  We see the need for lights so San Clemente Skaters can still do what they love after the sun goes down.  Most importantly, we see the need for a bigger better skatepark creating a safe an welcoming environment for skateboarders of every age and ability.  We are on a mission to make skateboarding better in San Clemente.


Our primary goal is to improve and expand the existing skatepark by utilizing the vacant lot adjacent to the current skatepark location.  The city of San Clemente has given us their permission to beging raising funds to do just that! Our passionate SCSC crew works tirelessly to make it happen.  Thanks for your support, it means the world to us and the entire San Clemente skateboarding community.