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San Francisco School Of Needlework And Design

Endeavoring to preserve the heritage craft of hand embroidery for personal pleasure and the inherent benefits of stitching, extending family traditions and promoting career development in the crafts sector. Tax ID 47-5111581


Or mission is to promote and share the knowledge and history of hand embroidery and needlework to ensure its future as a valued art form. Our vision includes ensuring a future for the heritage of the art and craft of hand embroidery and needlework found in world-wide cultures, learning from and growing a community of intergenerational artisans, and expanding knowledge to create contemporary works, while preserving historic examples and methods. We openly share our resources and knowledge with, and collaborate with the broadest audience possible. Spreading the enjoyment of the everyday cognitive and creative benefits of practicing a slow craft in a hyper-fast world gives us great joy. We do this through a range of classes from very beginner through professional levels, we house a library of over 2,400 volumes and a precious textile collection, both for class aides and inspiration. Classes are priced for maximum audience participation, starting at $5, and providing scholarship pricing in most of our programs. Volunteers are important strength of our community, sharing in office work and making class kits. In a short time, we have built a strong community that has outreach locally and achieved global recognition as a school of excellence in its field.