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San Lucas Toliman Stray Dogs Rescue

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Carlos Argueta


Hope 4 Dogs Rescue, located in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, is in need of your donations to help hundreds of stray dogs that roam the streets of this beautiful town of 26,000 people, located along the shores of Lake Atitlan. Currently there are no services available in this part of Guatemala to provide any type of care or shelter for these desperate animals. Most of these dogs suffer from malnutrition, and easily treatable medical conditions such as giardia, sarcoptic mange, and internal parasites. The goal of Hope 4 Dogs Rescue is to provide food, shelter, medical treatment, spay/ neutering, behavioral training, lots of love and attention and the ultimate goal of finding forever homes for these rescued dogs. The other major goal of the rescue is to promote a positive change in the way Guatemalan society views stray dogs. Currently, stray dogs are viewed as having little value, and are frequently abused and even poisoned in some communities to keep their populations under control. With the above in mind, Carlos ……, the founder of the Hope 4 Dogs Rescue, decided something needed to be done to address these issues and rescue as many dogs as possible from a life of disease, starvation, and abuse. Carlos grew up in Guatemala, and his love of dogs led him to bring home stray dogs as a child when few, if any, in the local community gave these animals a second thought. In fact, people frequently questioned why he wasted his time helping these desperate animals when so many poor people in the community needed help. Carlos didn’t let this negative feedback stop him because he knew there were resources available for the people in his community, but absolutely nothing for the stray dogs. Carlos moved to the U.S. almost 3 years ago, and became a legal resident. Since moving to the U.S., he has worked professionally as a dog trainer and as a Dog Attendant for two Doggie Daycares. He has also visited numerous shelters and rescues in Colorado and California, and wants to bring the knowledge he has gained while living and working in the U.S. back to his home town in Guatemala. Hope 4 Dogs Rescue needs your help in order to make Carlos’s dream of helping these dogs a reality. A site for the construction of the building has already been selected, and permits are currently being obtained from the Guatemalan government. Once the permits have been issued, Hope 4 Dogs Rescue would like to start construction of the facility as soon as possible in order to end the suffering of these dogs. We need your help in raising funds for construction of the facility, food, medical care, training, and a modest salary for the support staff. In order to keep operating costs low, we would like to train local volunteers to help with the care of the animals. We are also hoping to get discounts on dog food and medical care from local sources. By including the local population as much as possible, and providing a positive example of empathy to the community, Hope 4 Dogs Rescue hopes to change the way these dogs are perceived, and to end the neglect and abuse suffered by so many innocent dogs. The ultimate goal is to find is forever homes for every rescued dog. Currently, there is no tradition of rescuing and adopting stray dogs in Guatemala. With that in mind, international adoptions may be the best way to find forever homes during the beginning stages of the Rescue’s evolution. Ultimately, after a lot of public outreach and expanded community involvement, we would love to find forever homes in Guatemala for these dogs. However, the current reality is that there is no tradition of adopting stray dogs, so we will work tirelessly to change the local community’s perceptions so that these dogs fan find forever homes within the communities they are rescued. Hope 4 Dogs Rescue desperately needs your donation to help these desperate dogs. Any contribution would help tremendously in the construction and operation of our dog rescue. You might be asking yourself why I should help dogs in Guatemala when there are dogs in this country in need. The answer is simple; an animal in need is an animal in need. Whether the dog is two miles away or two thousand, we need your assistance in helping animals that are suffering. Moreover, there are hundreds of rescues and shelters in this country, but absolutely no assistance for these dogs in San Lucas Toliman. We appreciate your time, and any contribution you can make to our organization. Please spread the word!



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