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SJB Child Development Centers Tax ID 94-1747079


SJB Child Development Centers is providing hope and help through education based child care, which provides a strong foundation so that children are better prepared to enter school and parents are supported as they work; before and after school programs with an emphasis on academic achievement; and Family Engagement Programs for the purpose of establishing strong families and neighborhoods. Through these efforts SJB Child Development Centers will inspire, educate and empower the future of our community.

In a nutshell SJB Child Development Centers is closing the achievement gap while feeding, educating and empowering the underprivileged children and families of our community.

Our resolution and determination in battling poverty, crime, dropout rates and academic underachievement, is steadfast. However we can only do it with the help of committed individuals such as you!

Thank you for coming together to raise money to help improve the quality of life for thousands. We are so humbled and proud to know that we have partners in the fight to save our future.