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Santinos Voice Inc

Santinos Voice Inc
CROWDRISE : Apr 28, 2017
Tax ID: 81-3149659
BASED: Warren, MI, United States

Santino's Voice

Autism Victory

Santino's Voice was created to ensure that families walking through the journey of autism would know that they are seen and even more importantly heard.

Our mission is twofold. One, to create opportunities for individuals on the spectrum to have victories over the challenges and hurdles of autism.Two bring the hope, love, and acceptance of a faith community to special needs families.

Santino's Voice was designed to give scholarships to individual families and/or organizations to help with therapy and recreational costs for children on the autism spectrum as well as giving out scholarships to Metro Detroit churches to begin special needs ministries.

With awareness comes acceptance. With acceptance comes inclusion. When we are all included then different will no longer be a problem to solve but a gift to be treasured.

Tax ID: 81-3149659


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11% Raised of $20,000 Goal