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CROWDRISE : Jun 02, 2013
Tax ID: 27-3180798
BASED: Derwood, MD, United States



Flourishing Minds, Thriving Communities

Saprinu is a grassroots organization of socially- and environmentally-conscious individuals from Nepal and around the world. We are inspired by learning and self-discovery and believe that both are essential to creating a better world. By developing intimate partnerships with individuals and communities, we work together to cultivate nurturing environments that allow others to fully embrace exploration, discovery, and creativity. Saprinu believes that every person possesses unique talents; our goal is to provide a platform that enables everyone to discover these talents. The world becomes a better place when everyone is able to discover their individual talents and pursue them fully.

In order to achieve this goal, we focus on improving the quality of education. We work in collaboration with communities as well as local and national governments in Nepal. We provide training and capacity building workshops in areas such as education, women’s issues, small business management, environmental awareness, local NGO management, and organic farming. All of our team members have worked and lived in the village we serve allowing them to see firsthand the specific needs of each community.

Tax ID: 27-3180798 •


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