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Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson
Philadelphia, PA
Stuff About Me:


Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Please consider donating to PAWS, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. Not only is it Philadelphia's largest no-kill facility for dogs and cats, PAWS also has a low cost spay/neuter clinic. PAWS plays an important roll in decreasing the population of homeless animals in Philadelphia by offering affordable vet care, adopting out animals and partnering with neighboring shelters to move animals into healthy loving homes. Donating to PAWS  not only assist the thousands of animals that PAWS directly treats and saves, it is also donating to the impact that PAWS makes on your community. 

Pictured are my two "PAWS" cats. The Brown Tabby is an almost two year old male named Dale. Dale has really been such a joy to my huband and I since we adopted him from PAWS. We had raised several female cats from the street and had been looking for our little male friend to complete our cat family. Our adoption worked out wonderfully with PAWS. Unfortunatley at the young age of 10 months Dale started acting very strangly. He was urinating around the house. With PAWS' help we were able to conclude his problem was medical and a uranialysis showed he had struvite crystals in his urine. We were able to get Dale prescrition food from PAWS. And many months later, Dale is crystal and pain free peeing in his litter box! It was a very very hard battle with Dale to re-train him to re-use his litter. Even in our darkest moments the thoughts of giving up on Dale could never be entertained. Dale has become our favorite cat (shhhh don't tell the others!) as he is our smartest, silliest, friendlyest and most interesting cat. He is leash and harness trained and goes on daily walks that he insists upon. He plays fetch. He has learned to stand on comand and "shake paw." He is goofy and sweet, we couldn't imagine life without him. He wouldn't be his happy healthy self with out PAWS helping him twice. The first time saving his life by taking him and his siblings from a kill-shelter. The second time, when they helped him through his urinary problems. 

The tuxcedo cat is my PAWS foster cat, who we intend to adopt! She is an 8ish petite gal with silky soft fur. Grouchette found her way to PAWS all by herself! During a fridgid January she walked up PAWS' loading ramp and into their garage! After PAWS' clinic examed her she was sent to the adoption center. She was ill tempered, swatty and generally unfriendly in her cage. After several months she was permitted out of her cage, only for staff to find out she hobbled with a limp. Towards the end of Grouchette's stay with PAWS she starting vomiting regularly and overgrooming her fur to the point she was making her stomach raw and scabby. In Grouchette's 8th month at the PAWS' adoption center I took her home. She settled in quick and became very comfortable with the humans. But she continued to be irritable, swatty and she would act aggressivelly towards the other cats in the house.  After 4 months in foster with us, Grouchette became violently ill to the point she started vomiting blood. PAWS was able to run blood tests on her and concluded she was suffering from a hyperthryoid disorder. PAWS prescribed medicine, and soon after things started to change for the better. Apparently many of the problems and issues Grouchette was having were being caused by her hyperthroidism. After months of working with PAWS veternarians to find a correct dosage of medicine, Grouchette is a different cat. She cuddles all the time. She plays with Dale, and lets him groom her face. She no longer overgrooms, nor chroniclly vomits. She still has a slight limp, but her walking is not as disabled becuase she doesn't live in a cage. She walks around the house and purrs loudly all the time. She really seems happy for the first time in awhile. It is adorable to watch her and Dales relationship, as they may be a decade apart in age. Of my 4 cats, they get along the best. The have little routines they go though each day. She is still a little firecracker, but her sweet side is now here to stay, and her love is precious. She was saved by PAWS, twice. 

None of this would be possible without PAWS. Please donate so PAWS can continue to help other families!



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