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Sarah Fossett

Sarah Fossett
Natick, MA United States
Stuff About Me:



10. In 8th grade, I ran a 13-minute mile during a fitness test. Presumably, that was a pretty embarrassing record time... So the next day, I started training (running, dry heaving, walking... repeat). One month later, I ran my first 10-minute mile, and from there... It's history. That's why I'm fundraising to support National Run a Mile Days... Running a mile has changed my life (for the better)! 


9. My 21st birthday is on April 6, 2015. Instead of going to the bar, I'll be going on a run. (Friends, instead of buying me alcohol, consider donating to the AMAA Youth Fund)! 


8. I've already been dreaming about all the food I'm going to eat once I cross the finish line... If you make a sign (in addition to making a donation!) and come out to cheer for me, I'll buy you Pizza in the North End after the race. 


7. I have serious food allergies to all gluten and dairy products. This warrants a disclaimer on Fact 8... The pizza I buy you may or may not be gluten free and covered in my favorite food, goat cheese. YUM.


6. Bucket List: I have watched the Boston Marathon from my grandmother's house in Wellesley Hills or from Wellesley College for as long as I can remember. These are the spots I have been dreaming about running by during the marathon for years...(and great spots for my supporters to stand!) 


5. This summer, I am travelling to Ethiopia to do research. In order to do this, I took Amharic, one of the major languages spoken in Ethiopia, for my J-term class at Middlebury College. I made sure to learn how to ask the Ethiopian runners to SLOW DOWN, AND WAIT FOR ME, GUYS! (Go Meb!) (You should donate because making conversation while pacing with some of the best runners in the world is clearly a winning strategy.)


4. In 2013, I paddled 36 miles on a stand-up paddleboard across Cape Cod Bay. The crossing took almost 12 hours. Running 26.2 miles should be no problem right?! (Reason 283 Why You Should Donate: Donate if you think I'm crazy.) 


3. Most memorable run to date: While on a run in Carrabassett Valley, Maine I almost ran into a moose as it crossed the road I was running on. (The Moose probably has no idea that this happened... but donate in honor of the moose, anyways).


2. On my mind right now: I firmly believe that running has given me the confidence to pursue challenging goals, and has taught me a work ethic that has helped me become a happy AND successful student, athlete, and human being. If this is something you want for your kids, your friend's kids, your future kids, or all kids (!!!) then consider making a donation to the AMAA Youth Fund in honor of my next big challenge, the 2015 Boston Marathon!


1. My dad (Roger) was the first person to ever take (drag) me on a run, and will also be my running partner this year. He too ran the Boston Marathon while in college... after training for approximately two weeks, give or take a few hours. (Donate if you feel badly that I didn't inherit his natural talent... Or just because you think Team Fossett is rad.) 


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