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Organized by: Sarah Kale

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This is my letter of why I want bariatric surgery please excuse the lack of punctuation because of the fact that I simply do not have the ability to type small little anybody's letters with my carpal tunnel as I only have a phone for word processing purposes I do not have access to anything that would be useful as far as typing goes any other way that being said I am a 400 pound 400 + pounds now 36 year old woman I have a hard time walking I have a hard time breathing I have a hard time maintaining my balance now I don't know if its blood pressure and diabetes or just one or just the other I also have menieres disease which I am assuming some of the I subcutaneous fat I have built up in my ears and I am sure as any other place it doesn't matter where that will go there I might even have problems with my menieres disease because of the fat in my ears I have been quote unquote diagnosed with diabetes mellitus however I am pretty sure that it was a screw up because my doctor put me on metformin with a 1 C of only 7.1 I will be able to be the mom that goes out and plays with the kids I will be the mom that will be able to teach your child around the house without completely and totally being out of breath I will be able to have children I fully believe that the reason why I have not yet had a child is because of my weight but not my way then something else but no one will address this something else until my weight is gone I am sick and tired of having Dr just write off every disease or every condition that I come up to them with about Oh its just cuz you're fat my back pain when I am sitting is not due to my way the back pain when I'm sitting is due to my car accident I tired of being told that because my breath is short and my I have swelling in my legs it's because I'm fat I'm tired of being told don't well you have that rash because I'm fat not because of the fact that I was allergic to lamictal and no one took it seriously and they stated that it was because I'm fat and I need to just deal with it I almost died because Holland hospital did not want to run tests on me to confirm that it was an allergy to lamictal simply because I'm fat I probably have a lawsuit but I believe it's been so many years there's nothing I can do about it hey I'm tired of Dr writing so much because I'm fat oh well if you do this well yeah I can't because my back hurts I can't walk very far because my back hurts I am able to down stand up and wants more than I ever was before however I know they want me to do an hour the to an hour and a half to two hours a day for a workout and I can barely do 15 minutes of walking I have to sit down several times because of my back pain due to the car accident no I understand my weight does have bearing on my back I believe most of my issues are due to the fact that I had a car accident fell off a horse phone off the back of a three wheel bike and hit myself in the head on the kerosene heater on my sister and I were rough housing completely and totally I understand being obese makes you have pain but not to the point where you are crying and you have to stop several several times I am tired of being judged for leave because of my back pain and people assume just by looking at me but it's because of my weight while it is not I was the car accident the horse in the bike on the kerosene heater even my Chiropractor confirm that while my wait does have bearing on my back pain it more than likely is the fact of the injuries that I had to my bad but I cant get anyone else other than my Chiropractor to see that fact everything seems to be because I'm fine I have irritable bowel because I'm fat I have severe severe abdominal pain because I'm fat I have issues with the file this order because I'm fat I have breathing problems because I'm fat I have swallowing problems because I'm fat I'm tired of Dr not listening to me I'm tired of Dr just pushing me off and even though I now have insurance they are still doing the last Dr I had was just a crackpot he couldn't even diagnose a bladder infection to say the soul I am just tired of Dr just looking at me and saying while we need to get this fat under control I understand that and I try but then that hunger hormones picsin and it's just the hardest thing in the world to sit there and be hungry and not being able to eat for me if I had the Gastric Sleeve the Grell in I remember when I was young watching TV and Dr had discovered Grillin I looked in the TV inside if I didn't have that in my stomach if I didn't have that hunger hormone if I could take something to contradict it to make it not make me hungry all the time I could lose weight I can be skinny again I don't ever personally remember being skinny I only ever remember being overweight my whole entire life but my mother found a picture when I was 3 or 4 and I was actually skinny the only time I actually remember being skinny is when I left in Nevada and was forced to eat certain foods I was forced to take walks mmm that I was living with at the time claims that he was my boyfriend but he also wasn't sexually attracted to me so I ate how he wanted me to eat to try to make him like me and then I realized with a bunch cockamamie bullcrap but I did move back to Michigan and as I stated before that girl in hat and there was nothing that I can do to try to keep my weight off it didn't help either that I was on depo-provera for birth control that already has increased chances of gaining weight I just want a better life for myself I want Butter Health for myself and for any children that I may have in the future children often do with their parents do and if you overeat your child will overeat and I don't want to put my child through what I had to suffer through when I was in junior high and high school.


Organized by

Sarah Kale

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