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Sarah, Sami and Karam... Read their Story

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Hi… My name is Muneer, I'm 39 years old, I came from Syria.

I'm the father of three adorable Kids: Sarah (11), Sami (6) and Karam (one year).

We fled Syria, 3 years ago. And the real reason that we escape, was the unsafety of war and terror.

No more happy memories for Sarah, no toys, no coloring books, no bed time stories, no pets… no school and friends, no nothing… and above all… no secure.

Sami… cries after losing his pet parrot … he was very small when a military checkpoint stooped us and ask a 3 years boy for his ID card (they though it's funny)... until today he's afraid seeing weapons.

Karam… was born away from home… without even to know his grand mother and father, without his aunts touching his tiny hands…  

My goal is to get my family out of there state of isolation and hopelessness and bring them back to life. Give me the chance to do so, give me the chance to get my kids from the refugee's life into the life of education and stability.

The question for me is not wither I could make it, I believe from all my heart that they could make it, if only you gave them the tools to do so.

Professionally… I was a graphic designer with 15 years of experience… with my own office (which turned apart after missile explosion), my wife is a handcraft and crochet artist…. So I still think we have chance to make difference in the world.

I just want to get back to work. I don't want the world to think I'm over. We still here.

Every human been who left his own skies and smells, his family and his friends, probably has dam good reason to do so, and deserve the chance to start a new life and to change his destiny and reach his dreams.

Please… help me to reach mine, and to give my family a better future in a better country….

We're in Jordan, attempting to reach USA, to my sister in Los Angeles, or to reach Canada to my cousin in Toronto….. Help us please…

Merry Christmas and happy new year



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