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Sarah Sofa's Diaper Birthday

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BENEFITING: Westside Baby

EVENT: Stuff the Bus 2013

Sarah Couch


Thank you for visiting! This year I am proud to be raising funds for kids throughout King County for my birthday!

Did you know:
-1 out of 3 U.S. families struggle to afford an adequate supply of
diapers for their children
-Diapers are not covered by Food Stamps, WIC, or any other
government assistance programs

I am supporting this effort because it breaks my heart to consider that children who sit in dirty diapers are:
-more subject to painful rashes, infection and disease
- going to CRY.....a lot....which increases their chances of abuse by
caretakers who are already stressed
-likely to be so consumed by the pain of their situation that their
cognitive development may be at risk of being delayed
-deserving of having enough diapers to provide them the fresh
start to life they deserve

In King County alone there are 10,000 children under the age of 2 living in poverty. If those 10,000 children need on average 6 diapers a day for 365 days, this year alone those 10,000 children will need approximately...22 MILLION DIAPERS. This is where we need your help.

By making a donation to my Online Diaper Drive, you will be supporting WestSide Baby's Diaper Bank Program to distribute diapers to families in need throughout King County. By addressing this key material need of low-income families with children:
- families living on the margin do not have to choose between
buying diapers and other necessities, such as food, rent or
-fewer babies are forced to endure sitting in soiled diapers for long
periods of time
-parents can find stable work when they can provide the required
supply of diapers to take their kids to day care
-household stress is reduced and parents can focus more time and
attention on creating a nurturing home where their children can

Thank you for your support and for caring about kids!


About WestSide Baby
Families in poverty or crisis face daunting challenges providing essential items for their children’s well-being, yet all children need warm clothes, a healthy supply of diapers and safe equipment to grow up strong. Located in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle, WestSide Baby was created in 2001 to provide these critical items for children in need throughout King County. By collecting and distributing diapers, clothing and equipment in partnership with over 80 social service agencies, WestSide Baby has distributed over $10.25 million in essential items to local children since being founded. In 2012, we have served 22,000+ children with the items they deserve to have a clean and safe start to life.

WestSide Baby's Impact
“A woman was running from her abusive husband with two children under 2 and one on the way. She had nothing to be able to get back to Africa to her family members. WestSide Baby’s services were able to provide emergency diapers and clothes to assist this mom as she lived out of a local YWCA conference room before making her escape home to Africa.” - YWCA

“A single dad started coming to Boyer with his first child, then his second. Both children received diapers, toys and clothing from WestSide Baby, and every time he received items from his therapist, he would call Jenny to personally thank her for the help these items provided. The ease of stress from not having to buy diapers that week allowed this dad to be able to do things with his kids he couldn’t do otherwise, like take them to the park. These families desperately need diapers.” - Boyer Children’s Clinic


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42% Raised of$500 Goal


Donor Comments

Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson


Happy birthday Couchie! Hope it's a freaking fantastic day! 6 years ago

Joyce Couch

Joyce Couch


Happy birthday baby girl. So proud to call you my daughter. 6 years ago




6 years ago

Shera Smith

Shera Smith


I remember having fun with you in Mexico a few years ago but didn't remember where you worked. Since I run a daycare in my home, children are near and dear to to me and I can't imagine them not having diapers. Thank you for doing this :) 6 years ago