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Sasha's fight to live

Organized by: Shae Morgan

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Shae's Photo


My name is Shae and I have a beautiful baby girl named Sasha! I am a very proud mommy of Sasha, who is a very special Labrador just 7yrs old. , she is beyond and above my whole world!For the last two months my baby girl has not been herself. She started pacing a lot and not eating as usual. I took her to the vet and had several tests done. Blood work, X-rays ultra sounds more blood work, all came out perfect! I could see she was losing her spirit and drive for life. She did not want to play nor walk. I relocated to Seattle a month ago starting a new job and looking for a place to live. Sasha however became worse. She started losing her balance, not eating at all and being disoriented. Losing her vision also. We saw a great neurologist and after examination she diagnosed Sasha with lumbar pain in her lower back. We put her on medication but unfortunately, she did not stop the abnormal behavior. We had an MRI on her spine abdomen also and one on the head. The MRI on spine showed lumbar pain due to a buldged disc that medication can fix without surgery. However, she also gave me the bad news. Sasha has a large tumor on the base of her brain! I thought it is a bad dream. But it was true. My Sasha has a few weeks to 2 months to live. She sent us to a specialist at WSU Washington State University to examine Sasha's case. My girly needs surgery in order to remove the tumor. I asked the doctor what are her chances. Dr. Owen said that she is very young and very unusual for her age to have tumor. Considering the fact that Sasha has been a very healthy dog and her age, her chances are truly very good for a successful surgery and recovery as well. The longer we wait the more complicated it may become. The neurologist put Sasha on cortisone to slow down the growth of tumor and help her function but it is only temporary.

I need to raise $10.000 for the surgery. I am putting all my pay checks towards her surgery but it is not enough. I have already spent $6000 so far. I am completely broke to say the least. The place I had found to live I said no to because I needed to give all the money I had for her medical bills. I now stay at a friend's house which I am very thankful for that! I need to let everyone know and those who really know me know how much I adore my dogs! I work and live for them. I put myself last and they come first. I delivered Sasha on December 6th 2008 in the middle of the night:) I have her mom as well. Sasha has grown to be a wonderful God sent angel for me. She loves me so much and I just live for her, she is extremely protective of me and always so funny! She loves to take my slippers and just sleep on them. That dog means so much to me, she is my whole world and my sunshine! My world is nothing without her. I can't lose her, I can't be without her! She is not just a dog, she is my oxygen, the air I breathe. She deserves to live, to be happy, she deserves a good quality of life as she has had so far. I am fighting for my girly. And I know she is fighting also. I only have a few weeks to schedule surgery and save my Sasha. I never knew about this website and I don't know how soon people respond and if they help. I do hope and pray so much that you will help me save her. I do hope that I will not lose her. That she will continue to be with me for more years to come. If you decide to help me I will forever be great full to you!!!!!!! Please let me know if I can also do something for you. I have donated money for other charities and shelters for animals in the past. I know that the most innocent lives are our animals. These are the ones that love us unconditionally, no matter where we live, what we wear, where we work. They just love us and only want to be with us safely. They are worth everything in the world. Please help me me save my girl, please give Anything you can for my Sasha! Everything helps.

Thank you, Shae and Sasha.


Organized by

Shae Morgan

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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