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Saving a Tender Lost Friend

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The last place i ever thought of finding a lovable tender friend was here on the internet . For a number reasons, I had had a negative perception of what good could come of the internet, judging from my past experiences.

Well all this notion and perceptions changed. About two years ago I run into a girl online in a social room on yahoo messenger and already i had in mind that she wasn't to be trusted or nothing to be taken for serious since i was only there to satisfy a huge curiosity i had about whether its even safe out there or perhaps even find someone to talk to.

We introduced ourselves and never saw her on webcam or heard her voice .My mind was with loads of doubts.Till 3 months i saw her finally on a webcam.Too shy and so timid.Our conversations went from casual friends to intimate and thus a relationship.She often thought I will not respond or talk to her anymore because i had realized she was really short. about 4ft. tall.

After one year of communicating with each other over skype, weChat and an awful no. of social apps she admitted a lot of things to me and what she does often on the internet.I wasn't wrong about my doubts it was actually Affirmed. And that all my suspicions were actually true.

But what I also realized was that she was terrible emotionally disturbed and she will not be someone i could easily pass judgement and shame at.

Because not only had she been suicidal out of the severe depression and attempted to take her own life in front of me on live webcam which took the timely intervention of her mother to show up to save what will have been so traumatizing and devastating to witness by me.

She confesses to me that she loves me so much and communicating with me keeps her living and keep on keeping on.I must admit i do feel something for her that goes way beyond sympathy and pity.I want her by myself forever where i can keep her from feeling lonely.But my financial situation makes it impossible to have her fly from her country to my country.

Shes a Muslim and am a Christian and i thought that there were so many odds against us but surprisingly she affirms and assures me when i arrange for her to come over to my country she will as well join my faith.This she also says is against her religion which will no longer permit her to return which i received with mixed feelings.

This to me was exciting to here being a Christian but sadly her condition gets worse by the day from her shedding loads of tears and severally attempting to take her own life accusing God of why not letting it be possible for her to come to be with me, the love of her life.In a way, I am convinced if she were here with me she would be much better as i always manage to talk her out of her silly and awful suicidal thoughts.

This saddens me so much of the obvious reasons, my finances.
I am a promising ,entrepreneurial-minded,web and sales consultant for a small company in Ghana. And for the last couple of years have witness my fortunes dwindle due to witnessing the company i work for without taking my inputs and contributions serious taking decisions that are not profit-yielding enough. I intend to quit to find a better job.

While making this move,I will appreciate any assistance in any form besides the requested amount that could make it possible for me to take the life saving strides to bring my dearest best tender loving friend home to safety with me , in Ghana.



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