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Save 28 rescue cats & their humans from fear, violence, kept safe & able to help more cats in need!

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April 26, 2017

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Nat Lockwood


Taken 28 strays cats off the streets and into a forever home- the only home they will ever need, my home. Fully inspected, insured and foster care charity accredited, we have been self- funding this local rescue for over 7 years, people come from far and wide for advice and help including when they can't afford vets bills, all from our own income. We were once respected people in our close community as I'm a degree holding ex teacher before health failures and my assistant a police trained security officer who works full time and does his bit with the pets evenings, weekends and holidays. Sadly after drug fuelled, threatening, abusive, underage, mentally unstable (yet not treated nor anyone aware of their dangerous condition) neighbours moved into the surrounding area to my right and a never working, child abusing, threatening, malicious call making, unwanted children creating, noise nuisance neighbour to my left then decided to befriend those in the right and all of a sudden bit like me- when all residents were personal friends with me at one time, we are being pushed out of our home, including having false reports to the rspca and my landlord- of course we have been found with inspections (fully ok'd by us) to be keeping health, happy cats and a clean, tidy home, in fact we have been congratulated for our work- but this doesn't seem good endings and these complaints continue, sadly they seem to follow up every complaint rather than mark them as either malicious or even get these nasty people into trouble for not only continuing with old, already proven to be false and case- closed accusations; but also making out these authorities are lying, still threatening me and also making up new reports, all of which are denied and then admitted in the same sentence, repeatedly. As my condition is rare I already do not get support nor disability as they will not recognise or name it and I'm cjnstantky lied to being told there is no such thing as a whole body bone specialist- yet my mother, who does suffer ullchealth but nothing as severe as myself bone wise- has seen exactly that, a bone specialist, being young l, yet also having cancer- told I was making it up as well as my botched thoracic surgeries, due to suffering a murder attempt, which I also got no support or justice for, I wasn't diagnosed for 4 years and was close to death and my mum carried with undiagnosed cancer at birth also, I'm not taken seriously, cos they're worried I'm due a lot of money for never being checked or cared for and slipped through the net as a child and only got a few operations and some pain medication after years of denials and agony and placebo drugs, so my agony, deformities and complaints fall on deaf ears so much so I only get operations on my chest, 6 of which were botched, failed or left over a year to be even booked! So life is hard for me as it is without threats, inspections and assaults, as well as of course my main priority- the cats that need me! We do not get support from our landlord and in fact the underage troublesome tenant is getting a secure tenancy tomorrow- so rewarding her breaking every rule, when we have never broken any once, and been nothing but a victim of their behaviour- we've even had false promises of police letters supporting an emergency move, that's all it would take for me to keep my lifelong permanent tenancy and keep a local authority home, which I've kept ahead with rent and constantly been asked to . be a court witness for- yet all I get in return is more threats and left unsafe. Ive had threats, been assaulted and our home threatened- also my elderly, unhealthy, mother was threatened and not only is this upsetting and distressing, fighting these people is taking our attention from what matters and declining my health again, I can't eat or sleep and ruined the 2 years of hard work it took to put on a stone in weight, to no longer be underweight- it all dropped off literally in days. It's making us feel the need to leave our home asap away from danger and being the subject of constant inspections and accusations. As we are self funded as cannot register as a charity as we have never had so much as 1 tin of meat donated and due to having a local authority home, we cannot register as a business either. We will be sad to break out lifelong tenancy security for over 7 years but with drug, vandalism and previous noise, threats and party issues and getting no help or support then other that false promises, we feel the time is to move now and we get no security anyway. It's a shame we have to move to a place we will no longer be able to decorate and are finding it hard to find somewhere that will allow pets and the stress- as well as 2 cancellations for my 7th Cardiothoracic surgery we can really do without it right now, but the cats safety is paramount. The problem we also have is that we do not have a bond/ rent in advance or money for fees, we do believe although always been found to be doing a great job, the rspca will also leave us in peace if we have a larger house. Although breaking no laws or rules and they have no authority to enter my home, nor remove any pets due to them being in perfect condition, sadly some people in uniform get over zealous and seem to make up rules for no reason- rescue friends have been victims of this, although this has never been discussed and we haven't even been informed of the latest accusation- just been made aware there is one and I'll have to let them in sooner or later, we feel it is the only thing that they could 'get us on' despite there actually being no overcrowding, allowed 2 more adults to live in our home with us legally, we have never had a true complaint about us but I feel with a larger home, peaceful, away from these people, we will then be safe. We live in a maisonette spanning 3 floors but people often call it a flat l, which it isn't and then say we hen too many cats are here for a small flat- it's huge except for the bathroom and kitchen but we also didn't ask for these cats nor bread or purchased them, we do it out of care, love and charitable mindedness. But a dining kitchen/ 1- 2 extra bedrooms, with own use gardens could be a real plus to us, our plight, our safety and happiness. I can't even currently park my own car outside my own house for fear of vandalism, I asked to rent a garage and they pretended they couldn't open them to leave my car vulnerable, so of course I keep it with a relative, in a better and peaceful situation, we could care for the cats better, have a harden to exercise them, rather than sharing a concrete yard with someone constantly trying to hit me, fill their lungs with illegal smoke and breaking my heart trying to have outer suffered enough cats removed, when we've spent thousands looking after them with vets, food, litter, ID, toys and everything a cat needs and wants and ask for nothing in return but their safety, we feel a slightly larger home and a new life in a new area for us will help us care for them and with their welfare greatly, as well as enable us to take in more, possibly. We currently have 28 and we do not destroy, never had a cat death and always nursed to health along with our private vet (again we get no discounts)- the vet has also congratulated us on our hard work and the fantastic consulting of cats when we've still been in a feed outside situation before full rescue (trust needs to get established over years sometimes but again neighbours destroyed our outdoor shelter claiming the space falsely as their own and filling it with scrap metal, leaves, rubbish, wet paint l, weapons including sledgehammer and a gun, locking it without my permission in hurricane conditions, meaning we had no choice but to capture the last 2- then get accused to stealing stray cats we've fed for all those years- clearly don't understand what stray means and they were fed and cared for by us all that time! Neighbours do not understand or respect what we do or my poor health nor are bothered y our cats jncrealist as their complaints are always proven to be false and the cats are all indoor, yet no one stops them re- reporting or worse when a case has been closed. Please help us save a bond to feel safe and enable these cats to stay with us and continue to be supported- we have rescued lifelong strays, kicked out pets, lane pets, inbred cats, pregnant cats, cats that have lost kittens due to outdoor elements and wildlife and deformed cats, yet instead of being thanked we are being punished! We are not under threat of eviction and we are not under threat of seizure or prosecution of pets. Any donation will be kindly appreciated to help us have a safe quiet life caring for the creatures who've been through enough already! Leave a contact and we will keep you updated inctjencats and our situation. We do not lock I glass boxes, sldestroy or give timelines for adoptions like the rspca and other charro ties, with us is where they stay, we also board cats. We could offer a free board to any flea/ worm free and neutered cat or even return the donation in time if needs be, loans or even a rental offer in the right Bradford area is much appreciated and rent can be afforded monthly without issues, just bond and extra bond for pets is currently impossible, especially as it costs to move and change/ bring all bills and re- installation of safety equipment such as cameras etc. Please help, we needed this literally a week ago and now due to another cancelled operation I have 2 weeks to move before the 3rd given date is upon us and we will be stuck here in danger and me unable to lift for months. Thank you kindly! No donation too small.



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