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I am asking you to please help this family please try to find it in your heart to fully understand why am sending it to you. My mothers landlord Frank has caused my family and I and my 13-year-old son tons of issues mentally physically emotionally and financially. This is more than just a normal case of going to court with your landlord about an evection. Jobs have been lost aswell as time, money and have been injured multiple times in this house because of him and his negligence and in my heart I believe he's allowing it to go on on purpose. He has refused multiple times to help or to take care of his home and has never once cared about anything that he's put this family through in the house. There's a lot that needs to be done in this home and he's not afraid of consequences he's not afraid of getting fined when inspectors come. I need somebody to finally stand up for this family. I have done all I could. My mother has been injured multiple times and has to have surgery on her arm. I myself have had to see a doctor twice actually from being in the home. He has left them multiple times without a working kitchen sink he left them about five months with severe mold And had gotten sick. I ended up in the emergency room with a very severe allergic reaction that I had to be put on medicine and have a breathing treatment. Did not care of it we did not have the money to take care of these things in the house even though we are not responsible to take care of these things nobody wants to suffer because of him none of them have had any money and barely means for months now. Iv have helped all I can. They need an exterminator. And constantly we've had to throw food away multiple times. There is plumbing problems broken doors shower glass doors fell on my mother and are what injured her the first time. She has been injured two other times besides that because of him and his negligence. Because of his negligence my sister has had to have multiple epidural shots because she was also injured in this house. My sister has multiple sclerosis and can't afford to get injured or sick it is not good for her. Moving is hard and expensive She also suffers with extremely bad depression and this has done nothing but make it worse. My brother has something called psychosis schizophrenia and this all that has been going on for months has been agitating him greatly and making his mental illness worse also. My mother has not been able to be herself and tries to work very hard to take care of her two sick children and the home all while also being very upset and injured by the landlord's negligence and insults to the family. I have a 13-year-old son who this affects greatly. Wants to be able to visit his grandmother in peace. And entire family who is not well. This family has never hurt anybody in their entire life. Never been disrespectful to anybody And has always been good standing citizens helpful to people who have nothing when we have nothing and mother still prays for her landlord Frank that God forgives him for what he's been doing and that tells you something about a person and her character and mother has always paid her rent always paid her bills I've never had any issues like this anywhere in life that they have lived. Frank has left us to suffer and every which way possible has insulted us taken advantage of us and never once shown an ounce of compassion Has not done anything to stop it this man for some reason is cold unstable and negligent and extremely disrespectful clearly as a person and as a home owner Who in my opinion doesn't deserve to have good tenants like my family. This is truly the house of horrors. My family wanted to come here to be peaceful to live normal and to be happy they deserve it and he has taken that away from each and everyone one of them. They have run out of options. How is this family supposed to be expected to move unexpectedly with no means and barely any time to begin with and then with being hurt its a mess.


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