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Save The True Original sparkle in Hollywood career

Organized by: Sparkle Anne Kim

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Many folks have used Demetria Sparkle Anne Pearson-Williams name to stop her mission to sing and help folks out of jealousy and envy. Other folks has used her name to open up products like sparkle Paper towels to mock her , and fake Groups using her name sparkle to gain fame in other countries using her, name a man name Mr .Sparkle got on the Burt simple cartoon , it originally sparkle's idea to create this cartoon and she let it go, many folks in Hollywood has used sparkle and stolen her songs and dances and ides, they all has bully her husband stick and making two other films of sparkle without her permission a white version and they added Whitney in it to mock her by using her mother, not knowing sparkle's mom hated Whitney Houston, she saw her life, and mom told sparkle to watch her husband around female females . how so ,many all around the world partake in stopping sparkle's future, her mother was killed and how others gone way too far saying they were her . In 1976 " sparkle had her very own film, and realized that her own Neighborbors in Chicago had added somethings in that film was disturbing, how they was showing her husband a gun put up to his hand for a record deal, it was all set up by those who called themselves sparkle's friends, Curtis Mayfield singing how he Sparkled and Aretha franklin sung her version, how sparkle was taken for granted by all of them in Hollywood, other females of stealing her fashion line mahogany fashion a personal design she has for her friend and place of business of how Diana Ross acted as sparkle using her daughter name Tracy as the character, having something to fall back on, but , has realize that many folks has robbed her and left her for homeless and many folks such as Earth, Wind & Fire stolen songs from her, and female group such as Escape, Destiny Child and Envogue and jasmine ,Faith Evans, Janet jackson , Michael Jackson, stealing songs for over 40years even thriller and using sparkle's image and gliitter usher glove s to make himself her using his stage name Michael Jackson, also Roger Nelson The Former Prince , Morris Day, Puff Diddy ,using songs Dian sing for Sparkle " I'm coming Out "Song and "It's My House " trying to hinder sparkle using her own songs and taking over the music business, sparkle was born in Hollywood, songs that The Staples singer, Karen Clark Shied ,Dorinda Clark stealing Sparkle's songs " Take back what The Devil Stolen ', using Sparkle's image Blonde hair and genius of songs of invented music videos , MTv & BET and now they using a fake lookalike Debra lee as CEO of BET , and Wonder why Aftra /SAG Boycotts BET Television after Robert took it from sparkle who originally created it and he gave it to Debra Lee , Jay Z and Dream stealing Sparkle's Umbrella song having Rihanna , to sing it and how Boggish these folks are in Hollywood are illegally committing crimes, like Sparkle Designs a Car , Police steals the design car and make a police car and now a taxi car and in the water of a flood , where Sparkle was going to show how and what's going on in Hip Hop, after creating hip hop in 1974 , having Sylvia Robinson who had stolen Sparkle's pillow talk songs, was set up by Men that was trying to stop sparkle, all because she came from a multi-racial family that played and sung songs , was the very first female with her own film called " Sparkle " ,3Degrees, Angela Winbush ,Mary j. Blige, and now Mary Mary , The Labelle Sisters, and the Sister sledge and many other females had done before Beyonce the stealing, Chante Moore, Envogue, Madonna steal from the Black Madonna using sparkle's songs for fame Beyonce being low down trying to keep Sparkle from coming back into the music business having Sparkle to get mad , Beyonce steal from sparkle all the time, any one can use a lie detector test to prove this how this Beyonce harasses sparkles and how many years sparkle ignored Beyonce and had feeling of Ritaliation against Beyonce many times ,but never allowing her feeling to get in the way of harming her physically , as Beyonce has stalked Sparkle in her " "Formation" as well those other videos, and how Beyonce had stolen a song and a Film Called Bring It On , was made about sparkle and her girls friend and how Beyonce stolen the fashion songs of sparkle for that film Bring It On, They were using Teenage Girls to mock sparkle and her friend Rashida video and how she uses sparkle's men in Motown causing contention between the way Sparkle feel about the men in Motown who has betrayed her and how Obama , never took sparkle serious for her music career, as how Beyonce says in her video how she Allow Sparkle to get the the radio stations, not knowing that sparkle is older and more famous that n Beyonce and everyone loves Sparkle and hates Beyonce, it was just the feeling of stopping those that are imposing a threat on her,and can't stand for no more so raising a fund raising is a positive way of getting back on track and going to government to fight Hollywood and all it's jealousy of the originals. Sparkle's Id was stolen and her life was taken for granted many times now many others had token turns bothering sparkle using her name and making products and songs in her name trying to wipe her whole career out . Sparkle Had no intention to stop singing and have to be homeless off and on and having folks in the shelter to steal mail from her and in the post office to steal ids and checks from her and those wearing gold ,yellow colors mocking her , it's always them that act like Michael jackson when he wears his Gold colors after stealing songs from me I've wrote for john Lennon " Come Together, Michael stole it and made a video of it to mock me and has made "Dirty Diana "song to mock my family , that's why God made Michael go on "Ebony Magazine" to admit he took the songs, from Sparkle , calling sparkle " The Toilet Cleaner from Harlem who grand father is from Ireland " in his interviews in Ebony magazine, sparkle been totally doggone the whole music business , with Michael acting the way he did towards her made new comers feel they can do the same, never gave sparkle one cent for her song writing and TV shows that was Controlloed by Michael Jackson .How many men in Hollywood faked their own death to get the insurance policy , frauding everyone, sparkle just decided to be alone and be by herself and get away from every negative person and start life all over again even Men in 1970's and even now with Ne-yo jackson uses Sparkle to gain fame, with his own songs he could make an hit, but with sparkle Help as Miss Independent,You Make Me Better , Closer and It choreography song & video , with Sparkle's Choreography as she used Suzanna Depasse to do it in Motown Records, to choreograph Dance The trucking dance That Eddie Kendrick had supported from sparkle through her Dance ,as many groups was hateful toward sparkle as a genius, sparkle didn't want work with other group wanted to go solo , and was controlled many years by Michael Jackson , never wanting sparkle to be with no one nor to work or do anything for herself, and never gave her any money to survive, all of this was the reason why Sparkle grew up bitter and fighting him self for the other acts , as Sparkle always was on Soul Train dancing with jodey Watley and before she was a Group Shalamar dance , Enchantments, Sylvia's ,Switch and many other things, but he didn't want to call out my real name, Michael is a real Devil ,made Thriller video showing the world how he would torment Sparkle . Sparkle was in the video as the person doing , using my nick name "Olay Ray " from my favorite Soap& Skin creams Oil Olay and Aretha franklin so now it's more of Beyonce and the other female fake Sparkles on "The X factor Group " Sparkle " another group using sparkle's name again who's their name is really are on The " X Factor " Anni Chkheidze, Sali Merebashvilii, Nini Gvelesiani. This was done by Simon Cowell and all his people from The American Idol trying to wipe sparkle off of her Existing , Paula Abdul was famous for singing a song that Sparkle wrote called " Opposite Attract "using a carton version of Sparkle's Black cat send fund to Demetria Sparkle Anne Pearson-Williams general delivery Minneapolis , MN . 55401


Organized by

Sparkle Anne Kim

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Sparkle Anne is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Save The True Original sparkle in Hollywood career.

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