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Rachel Anderson's Fundraiser:

Save 1000 Kitties

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BENEFITING: Kitten Rescue

ORGANIZER: Kitten Rescue

Rachel Anderson


Kitten Rescue wrote -

Each year Kitten Rescue SAVES 1000 KITTIES. Every cat that comes into our system is spayed or neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, vaccinated, de-wormed, de-flead and microchipped before being placed into their forever home. They come to us with a variety of medical needs, ranging from upper respiratory infections to broken bones in need of surgery. 

The average cost for Kitten Rescue to save a kitty is $150.00. While adoption fees offset the cost of rescuing cats, we still spend an average of $150.00 to rescue a kitty because we take in many medical cases that can cost up to thousands of dollars for just one kitty... cats that have been hit by cars in need of surgery, cats who are severely ill that need to be hospitalized, cats who need to see expensive specialists, FeLV+ cats... Hospitalization, surgeries, blood panels and dental work are all very expensive procedures. We are dedicated to giving the best medical care to every cat that we rescue, so that they are 100% healthy when they move onto their forever home. You can help Kitten Rescue SAVE 1000 KITTIES this year by joining our campaign.

Here is how it works:

Sign up here to create your own fundraising page, by clicking FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN.

Set your goal: How many kitties do you want to save? (Every $150.00 that you raise SAVES A KITTY!)

Share your page via email and social media. 

Ask your friends to join you!

You will receive a prize for each kitty that you raise the money save!

Save a kitty ($150.00) receive a personalized certificate from the kitten that you saved.

Save a second kitty ($300.00) and you will receive a I BRAKE TO SAVE KITTIES license plate frame.

Save a third kitty ($450.00) and you will earn a Kitten Rescue tote bag

Save a fourth kitty ($600.00-YOU JUST SAVED A LITTER!) and you will receive a Kitten Rescue t-shirt.

Save a fifth kitty ($750.00- YOU JUST SAVED A MOM AND HER BABIES!) and you will receive a personalized certificate from the litter that you saved.

Save a sixth kitty ($900.00) and you will receive a Kitten Rescue coffee mug.

Save a seventh kitty ($1,050.00) and you will get a Kitten Rescue water bottle.

Save an eighth kitty ($1,200.00) you will receive a Kitten Rescue travel coffee mug.

Save a ninth kitty ($1,350.00) and you will get a 2015 SAVE 1000 KITTIES calendar, so you can see all of the kitties that you helped to save!

Save a 10th kitty ($1,500.00) and receive a Kitten Rescue hoodie.

Prizes to be announced for top fund raisers!

**Prizes will be sent out at the end of each month**

If you do not want to participate as a team member, you can still SAVE A KITTY by donating.

Your $5.00 donation buys a vaccination for a kitty.

Your $10.00 donation will de-worm and de-flea a kitty.

Your $15.00 donation pays to microchip a kitty.

Your $20.00 donation buys antibiotics for a sick kitty.

Your $40.00 donation will pay for an FeLV/FIV test for a kitty.

Your $70.00 donation will spay or neuter a kitty.

Your $150.00 donation will SAVE A KITTY and you wil receive a personalized certificate from the kitty that you saved.

Your $750.00 donation will save a family of kitties: a mom and four babies. We will send you a personalized certificate from the family that you rescued and a 2015 Kitten Rescue SAVE 1000 KITTIES calendar.


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Sonia Roman


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