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Save a Dog from Thailand

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A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation, Inc. wrote -

11/4/14 - Our volunteers and our dogs are arriving at Dulles on Thursday, November 6th at 2:50 PM!  Pictures are on our Facebook page (and more updates will follow).  Follow the story at Facebook/AFH2002!


We are still soliciting donations to help cover the costs from this rescue effort, AND to rescue dogs from Thailand going forward.  Every time we raise enough money to bring a dog over, we will!   Please keep the momentum going and spread the word!


10/27 - our volunteers are on their way to Thailand.  A link to their blog will be posted soon.  We are still soliciting donations for travel costs to get the dogs here.  Please share this page with friends, family, and co-workers, and post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thank you!

Patti Stinson
A Forever Home Rescue Foundation



10/13/14 Update:  Travel plans are made and 4 dogs will be arriving in Washington DC on 11/5/14!  Since we didn't get enough miles donated to pay for the return flight, we are still soliciting donations.  We are also looking for donations to cover hotels (we can accept points for this too!) and for miscellaneous travel expenses.  We are so close to our goal - please circulate this fundraiser widely.  Thank you to everyone who has helped so far!


10/9/14 Update:  Thank you all for the amazing response.  Since we were unable to collect donated miles to get our volunteers home, we are increasing our goal to cover the cost of the return flight.  Generous supporters donated miles to get our volunteers to Thailand and cover some nights in hotels, so that is one cost we don't have to bear!  We are grateful for the outpouring of support for these dogs who need us so desperately, and look forward to getting them to our area in early November.  Please continue to share this fundraiser widely.  


10/7/14 Update:  We have added pictures of the first 4 dogs we are saving from Thailand!


9/27/14 Update:  We are soliciting airline miles to send volunteers to Thailand to escort dogs back to the US so we don't have to ask for money to pay for the tickets.  Our contact recommends Korean Air so we can use miles from Korean Air or any of their partners..  We already have enough donated miles to get there!  We just have to get back!  We are also soliciting miles for lodging.  If you can help by donating miles, please email 

We have a number of options avaiable and our plan will be determined by the money and miles raised.  Stay tuned for updates and thank you! 


As a local organization, we believe that our first responsibility is to help dogs in our area, but as you all know, we have helped dogs from other parts of the country, and have even rescued a dog from Iraq.  Sometimes horrific circumstances and heinous crimes against animals compel us to act and to help raise awareness regardless of geography.


You may or may not know that there is a thriving illegal dog meat trade in many parts of the world, but it is especially active in Thailand.  Thousands of dogs are stolen every year to be sold illegally to the dog meat trade.  Most were someone’s beloved pet.  Given the horrible fate awaiting these dogs, we can’t sit back and let them suffer – we have to be part of the solution.


We have been reading about the horror that these dogs endure - starting with the way they are transported to the brutal way they are killed.  We will spare you the gory details, but please believe us when we tell you that it is truly gruesome.


AFH is partnering with the Soi Dog Foundation - a group that works tirelessly in Thailand to rescue dogs from a horrible fate.  They do a great job with few resources, and constantly have an average of 1,500 dogs in their shelter.  They are reaching out to individuals and rescues across the globe to help them find homes for some of these dogs.


They have provided us with a short video about their work.  It is sad but not graphic.  You can view it at 


If they do not find homes for these dogs they will spend their entire lives at the shelter in Buriram within the concrete walls of the shelter with hundreds of other dogs.  While they do receive food, water, and medical care, it is impossible to provide them with the love and attention they deserve because there are simply too many of them.  We want to help them get the love and attention they deserve in forever homes and we need your help to do it. 


Getting the dogs to the US is a very simple process – what it takes is money and foster homes.    


Please help us to save some dogs from a terrifying ordeal and a cruel death by making a donation today.  We would appreciate it if you would share this appeal with other dog lovers.


Please email if you would like to become an approved foster home for one of these deserving dogs.


Thank you.​

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