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The Story

EVENT DATE: Aug 31, 2017

Due to serious hyper-inflation between the years 2000 to 2008 in Zimbabwe because of disastrous economic policies by Mugabe's Zanu PF regime the country was forced to a multi-currency system were the South African Rand and the United States dolllar are used as the formal currency of the country. This led to a serious case of cash shortage cause by lack of exports therefore no inflow of the much needed foreign currency. The governement in their attempts to alleviate the liquaidation crisis introduced the bond notes, a pseudo-currency of sort which the government had laughably set its value based on the United States dollar. This had been implemented before with disastrous consequences as the crisis only got worse with the bond notes rendered worthless as there were being exchanged in the Financial Black Market. Presumably when they tried it this time around there is no prizes for guessing that it has all gone horribly wrong again.The general public does not have money and the average Zimbabwean survives on less than $1 a day. This when the political elitew continue to loot state resources and run the country's coffers dry. There was even a story (which the President himself confirmed) that $15 billion from the proceeds of diamonds sales had just disappeared! That is almost 5 times as the current entire budget of the whole country! The Ministry of Education then announced that the people who could not afford to pay the school fees in the rural areas could then offer their livestock especially goats as tuition. This is ridiculous because not only is livestock a very important part of the rural folk in Zimbabwe but also because the schools do not have any strategies of ensuring they get cash from the said livestock and without cash the academic discourse is crippled and its the children who suffer. I have decided to raise money to pay for at least 500 rural school kids in Zimbabwe (the average fees per term is about usd 10) so that there are guaranteed another term of school without their parents being fleeced of their livestock. Please help me to realise this goal.