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Bannerman Island and it's majestic castle ruins sits 1000 feet from the east shore of the Hudson River. Millions of travelers pass this mysterious island every day on the Merto North and Amtrak trains going to and from New York.

Bannerman Castle was built by Scottish imagrant, Frank Bannerman IV from 1901 to 1918 , to resemble the castles of his homeland. The castle was used to store Bannerman's collection of antque military equipment from the Spanish American War and the Civil War. Frank Bannerman opperated one of the first Army Navy stores in the country at 501 Broadway in Nerw York City and produced the world famous "Fransis Bannerman and Sons Military Cataloque", which was printed for 100 years.

Bannerman Castle was recently featured in the block buster movie, "Transformers Three" with a glorious glorious cameo appearance towards the end of the movie,( it was also used in Hitchcock's "North by Northwest") and if you saw Bannerman Castle today, you would be horrified to see, that since the movie was filmed, two and a half of the walls on the iconic Tower have fallen.

We need your help to SAVE BANNERMAN ISLAND!

We have come a long way since we started in 1993. Bannerman Island is open for Hard Hat Discovery Tours from May through October. Helen Bannermnan's gardens and trails have been restored by our dedicated volunteers, however the main castle structures are in danger of further collapse.

The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. is a not for profit organization working with The New York state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to save Bannerman Island from further decay.

The good news is The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. has already saved the Bannerman Family Residence through an Environmental Protection Fund Grant and lots of help from private individuals and foundations. Phase One of the Residence Stabilization Project was completed this past June.

The bad news is the Bannerman Island main warehouse structures need emergency stabilization or we will loose this important Hudson River landmark.

There is still much to see and much to save. We have hired the architect firm of Jan Hird Pokorny Associates of NYC. (Architects for Bannerman Residence Project) to design the emergency stabilization for the main castle structures. This will prove to be a tricky high wire act, because no one can be allowed inside the structure untill emergency stablization has been performed. All work on the castle must be performed from the air, so that the walls do not collapse on the workers. A 200 foot crain sitting on a barge at the edge of the island is required to swing workers and equipment from above the structures to stabilize them. Cables and metal bands will be used to accomplish this feat. When this work is completed, we can then permantly stabilize the structures.

How Much Will It Cost?
The cost to stabilize Bannerman Castle will be in the millions. ( The Ruins of the Small Pax Hospital on Roosefelt Island, NYC, cost 4.5 million dollars.
The stabilized ruins are opening to the public as a park.)

The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. is raising funds in phases and breaking the massaive undertaking down into doable projects..

Since we are new to Crowdwise and internet fundraising, we are looking to raise $20,000.00 to help pay for a portion of the design fees. The remainging design fees will be raised through fundations, fund raisers and individual contributions. ( We really need to raise a lot more then $20,000., but this will be a great start.

If everyone would donate $10, we could save Bannerman Castle! The trick is we have to get everyone to donate $10 and then ask 10 people to donate $10. They ask 10 people to donate and on and on. Of course if you would like to donate $100, $500 or even a $1,000,00, that would be terrific. Please help us save Bannerman Island by giving what you can afford.

If you send us a $25 donation, we will send you a copy of Charles S. Bannerman's 1962 book, The Story of Bannerman Island.

For more information about Bannerman Island go to our website at www.bannermanisland,com

Thanks for your support!



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BANNERMANS CASTLE TRUST INC is working on selecting a charity so you can support SAVE BANNERMAN CASTLE A HUDSON RIVER ICON.