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Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala's Fundraiser:

Save Dogs in Bali

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Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala


“Every Dog has his day” is an ancient proverb used to imply that everyone will have success at some point in life. Let’s not limit this proverb to humans only, let this be a true for animals too. They are defenseless in front of our advanced technology and they are unable to speak like to communicate their pain to us, yet the dogs in the streets of Bali are most brutally killed. Following the outspread of Rabies some time ago, a lot of dogs, regardless of the fact that they were vaccinated have been poisoned to death. Every day several dogs in Bali are beaten to death. These living and breathing creatures, just like you and me, feel the pain as they loyally guard our houses every day and show love for their owners while they are shamelessly neglected, unfed, and caged. Many puppies end up abandoned in rubbish dumps, temples, rivers or streets of Bali. We have decided to finally get up to not just raise our voice to educate people of Bali, but also to save these living beings by immediate action. If we do not stand up for this now, Bali will be colored red due to this cruel behavior of our fellow men.

Dogs that are slaughtered, poisoned, killed or abused in Bali, need one of us humans to become their voice. This education is extremely important that these dogs feel the pain like we, our family and children do. When a dog is poisoned with a dart, or kept hungry for too long, it feels the exact pain a human in its place would. Such slow deaths and ill-treatments need to stop. Humanity is not only for other human beings, but also for these animals that suffer due to our own actions. A dog is said to be a man’s best friend in the west as it always protects its master, than why should they be ill-treated here in Bali? When dogs will be properly fed, kept in shelter, kept warm, given love, allowed space so it is not caged and not killed, then we too will be able to return the favor to this loyal dog.

The team from Coupofy working in Ubud, Bali, believe it is high time; we arose to put forward a helping hand for these dogs in our streets. A couple of dollars can feed a dog for a whole week. We aim to save every dog that is being abused, neglected or whose life is endangered. To do this we require money that we will be raising through this upcoming fundraising campaign. We call out to all the people who have the heart and soul to feel the pain of these dogs, to come up and be a part of this cause. Your generosity can save the lives of many dogs. These poor creatures that are unable to speak might as well be grateful if you contribute to this fund allowing us to help these animals.



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