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The mission of Save the Dunes is to preserve, protect and restore the Indiana Dunes and all natural resources in Northwest Indiana's Lake Michigan Watershed for an enhanced quality of life. Tax ID 35-1915468


Save the Dunes has been around a really long time - since 1952, in fact.  We are responsible for the establishment of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, one of the country's first urban parks.  Since successfully establishing the park, we've helped expand it to over 15,000 acres and 18 miles of Indiana's shoreline.  

Over the past decades, we fought various battles to protect the park from incompatible development, a nuclear power plant and a freight yard.  

Today, we still buy land to add it to the park. We work to make sure all waterways that run through the dunes and into Lake Michigan are as clean as possible and serving as good habitat for fish and other critters. And we steward over 500 acres of land. 

We are one of a small handful of regional environmental organizations engaged in advocacy - better permits, better policies and better planning are a large part of our work.

If you believe each of us can make a difference and want a better environment in Northwest Indiana, help support Save the Dunes!